Walkthrough Guide to Fallout: New Vegas Side Quests

Walkthrough Guide to Fallout: New Vegas Side Quests
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Starter Quests - Goodsprings, NCR Prison and Primm

There are a couple of simple quests to get you started once you come to life in the Mojave Wasteland. Your first trip outside in Goodsprings will introduce you to a war with the local branch of the Powder Gangers and a particularly nasty trap set by Barton Fink. And if you’re following the traditional path, you’ll soon be able to do a few missions at the NCR prison or the nearby town of Primm.

The NCR prison will let evil characters make some new friends in the region and fight the NCR, or allow double agents to get some intel on the prison and join the NCR assault to seize it. Primm, on the other hand, will force you to take the town back from a group of rogue Powder Gangers and then decide on who the ideal sheriff for the town would be. Each of these quests should help you get your feet wet in the Mojave, learn the lay of the land and earn some early caps and equipment for your journey to New Vegas.


Novac will be the first major town that you encounter. The area may look small, but it’s home to some very useful things. While you’re here, you’ll be able to find Boone, a new doctor (of questionable skill, but good supplies) and your first permanent home, in the form of a motel room.

Bright’s Followers at Novac

Despite these amenities, you’ll also be able to help out around town. Boone’s recruitment quest is a worthwhile venture for just about everyone. The unmarked quest concerning the attacks on the local brahmin ranch is worth your time too, if you like easy caps and movie references. Of course, you’ll also be able to help a cult of ghouls fight the “demons” in their basement and then launch them to their paradise (or into each other in a massive fireball). The nearby solar power plant, Helios One, should be worth a look too. While it is easy to help the NCR, it’s also possible to sabotage the facility or reign fire down on the soldiers from above.

All of these little quests are certainly worth your time while you’re passing through Novac.


Before you can get into the splendor of New Vegas, you’ll need to pass through the ruined slums surrounding the main gate. While in the wrecked landscape of Freeside, you’ll have a chance for a surprising number of quests of varying types. The most moral can take the chance to help the Followers of the Apocalypse clean up the area. The more mercenary types can choose to hunt down debtors, recruit prostitutes (including a very special robot) and pick up a little work from the Van Graff’s at the Silver Rush or the Crimson Caravan Company.

The Only Way to Walk Around Freeside and Live

Naturally, there’s also a growing war between the NCR and the Kings that you can involve yourself in too. Don’t miss all of these opportunities to raise money on your way to the New Vegas Strip.

New Vegas

This is the big draw. New Vegas is the crown jewel of the Mojave, and it’s full of rich tourists, gamblers, faction agents and politicians. This is a very nice environment for a courier looking for work.

The casinos hold secrets for you. The Omertas at Gomorrah are working on a strange plan, and there’s an odd disappearance at the Ultra-Luxe. You can also plant some bugs on Mr. House’s network, help some working girls escape or work on carrying out or stopping a murder plot. If those don’t sound exciting, then there’s always a little photography work too.

Take in a Show in New Vegas

New Vegas holds great riches, and not just at the tables. A mercenary can walk away with a small fortune if they play their cards right.

The Odds and Ends

After all of these quests, there are a few that just don’t seem to fit in easily. There are a number of quests available that deviate heavily from the usual quest hubs. You’ll probably just stumble into them as you go, or find a loose link somewhere. Good old exploration will take you to some of these.

There are quests to help the supermutants at Jacobstown, to join some mercenary looters at the radiated Camp Searchlight, a mission to rescue a misguided girl outside of Vegas, an unlikely pair of would-be casino robbers and a very long hunting quest to be picked up from the local arena.

NCR Quests

Quest aren’t always about equipment or money. Sometimes it’s also possible to help out your favorite faction and gain a bit of reputation with them. The NCR have a ton of quests that will net you equipment and rewards, and also help the NCR gain a better foothold in the Mojave.

There are a few main bases available. You’ll have a chance to help out Camp Hope, Camp Golf, Bitter Springs and Camp McCarran. Adventurous players can also find NCR patrols and guard posts that need a bit of help.

Legion Quests

The Legion have a more limited presence in the Mojave Wasteland, but there are still some quest options available for those that wish to work for Caesar and his army. There are a few options to crush the NCR at Camp Hope, destroy the monorail at Camp McCarran and carry out a short mission in New Vegas.

Note also that there are a few Legion options for NCR side missions. For example, while you can help interrogate that Legion prisoner at Camp McCarran, you can also quietly free him through some quick thinking. Check the available NCR missions to see if there are any creative opportunities available.

Off to Adventure

It’s time to get started on all of these great quests. You now should have all the information that you need to get a really good start on the side quests that run throughout Fallout: New Vegas. I hope that the caps and unique gear make things just a little bit easier for you. Don’t worry too much about doing things ‘right’. Just get into character and have a bit of fun.


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