Fallout: New Vegas Side Quest Guide - Talent Pool

Fallout: New Vegas Side Quest Guide - Talent Pool
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Talent Pool - Introduction

This is an easy quest to pick up. Tommy Torini is in the club at the top of The Tops casino. Most of the people in the casino, including Benny, will send you to him if you ask about work.

Tommy wants to put a whole new show together with comedians and musical acts, and he wants you to help him find some talent for the act. Naturally you’ll be able to get a lot more caps with high Speech and Barter. Even at the start, you’ll get an option to bump up your finder’s fee if you have 50 points in Barter.

As a side note, it’s a good idea to go back to Tommy after each individual recruitment. I didn’t have any problems going back and turning in all four at once, but he apparently has a tendency to bug out and not recognize some of your recruits if you bunch them together.

Talent Pool - The Talent for The Aces

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Talent Pool - The New Billboard

Billy Knight - Billy is the easiest recruit. He’s actually already in New Vegas and is trying to make his big break. You can actually find him at the base of the big billboard for the show at The Aces (which is empty at the moment, it will fill up as you net acts). You should find him as you leave The Tops and turning toward the gate. He’s also pretty loud and uniquely dressed, so finding him shouldn’t be hard. Just convince him to audition for Tommy. If you have 25 points in Barter you can convince him to play hardball and get more money for him and yourself, and you should have an opportunity to work Tommy again too once you turn it in.

Hadrian - We might as well work backwards. Hadrian is the ghoul comedian at the Atomic Wrangler in Freeside. he spends most of his days waiting around by the stage. Just talk to him to mention the new show you’re recruiting for. He’ll just need you to get him out of his contract. Talk to James Garrett. You can either pay him about 100 caps, or use 50 points in Barter or Speech to convince him to just let Hadrian go.

The Lonesome Drifter - This mysterious man spends all of his time at a makeshift camp by a billboard along the main road to New Vegas. He’s right next to the El Dorado Dry Lake. I suggest holding off on this one until you have Barter higher than 50 (or use a Salesmen Weekly to boost yourself above 50). The benefit is that you can use the Barter check to convince him to give you “The Mysterious Magnum.” (The reference being that his father is the Mysterious Stranger).

Bruce Issac - Bruce is the furtherest recruit. You can pick him up at his motel room in Novac. He’s on the second floor, close to your room actually. Just go inside and mention the excellent security in New Vegas to convince him to make the move.

After you recruit all four performers, you’ll receive the bulk of your money and the show will be officially set. Congratulations.

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