Fallout: New Vegas Guide - We Will All Go Together

Fallout: New Vegas Guide - We Will All Go Together
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We Will All Go Together - Introduction

When you approach Camp Searchlight you will run into First Sergeant Astor and his patrol warning people to stay away from the heavily irradiated town. If you don’t find him at the camp, then he’s probably with his squad walking around the perimeter of the contaminated area. If you talk to him and ask about any survivors, you should be able to get the quest “We Will All Go Together” from him.

Astor wants you to hunt down and kill the NCR troopers that now exist only as feral ghouls inside the town, so that they won’t have to suffer anymore.

The whole area is irradiated, so take some Rad-X before you commit to searching the camp. Astor should give you some Rad-Away, but it might not be enough.

In general, just do a grid search of the town. It’s a small area and it’s pretty easy to trigger ghouls, especially if you bring a trigger happy companion. The NCR troopers are also named differently than the normal feral ghouls and they look slightly different. Note that you will only be able to find 9 irradiated dog tags while clearing out Camp Searchlight. Loot their bodies to get their irradiated dogtags and hit the main three groups. Do watch out for radscorpions though. They’re probably a bigger risk to you than the ghouls. All 9 ghouls should be outside. Note that you can also turn on the four turret positions to help yourself out a bit and create a few safe zones in the town.

We Will All Go Together - Private Edwards

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Camp Searchlight - Private Edwards

The final irradiated dog tag is available from Private Edwards. He didn’t go feral after the attack, so you can talk to him. He’s hiding in one of the houses (in fact the only house you can enter) in town and is too afraid that he’ll go feral. You can just kill him and take his irradiated dog tag if you want. That’s the easy way.

If you have 7 points in Strength you should be able to intimidate him into turning it over.

You can also go back to Sergeant Astor. With 7 points in Intelligence you can convince him that Private Edwards isn’t feral and convince him to let Edwards join their patrol.

If you’re feeling evil, you can convince him to go attack Sergeant Astor with 60 points in Speech. Follow him out and he should get gunned down pretty quickly thanks to Astor’s squad. Collect the dog tag off of his body.

The “good” no skill option is to talk to him about the NCR and ghouls until he mentions Ranger Station Echo. If you’ve been there before, you’ll know that it has several ghoul rangers manning it. Once Astor mentions it, you can go back to Edwards and tell him about it. He’ll drop the dog tag and then take off to go to the station. Note that this seems a little buggy, so you may want to use one of the Speech or intimidation checks to get the irradiated dog tag first before he runs off into the Wasteland.

You can also convince him to just run away into the general Wasteland, for a similar effect. Again, you may want to secure the dog tag another way due to bugs with the script.

Regardless of how you get the dog tag, turn it in to Sergeant Astor to receive the final reward, complete the quest and get a service rifle that is either invaluable or useless, depending on what level you are.

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For an irradiated ruin, Camp Searchlight has a large number of quests associated with it. There’s an option to collect irradiated dog tags from NCR trooper ghouls, help some scavengers with their mission in the town and carry out a raid on Cottonwood Cove for the NCR.

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