Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - No, Not Much

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - No, Not Much
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No, Not Much - Introduction

Bitter Springs is in pretty bad shape. That should be obvious as soon as you walk into the camp. You can do something to help by talking to Captain Gilles in her command tent. She will ask for more troops, more supplies and some help for Doctor Markland. Finding the sniper is technically a separate quest, called Climb Ev’ry Mountain, but it will literally take care of itself while you look for supplies. You can handle these three tasks in any order.

Bitter Springs Infirmary Blues - Stocking the Medical Tent

Lt. Markland is the doctor in charge of the medical services for the camp. He’s actually in decent shape, all things considered. In order to be fully stocked, he just needs three doctor’s bag and some information on child care and psychology.

The doctors are bags are easy. Just buy or steal three bags from doctors and merchants in the wasteland. This will hurt a bit in hardcore mode, but you should be able to swing it. You’ll get some radiation medicine and stimpaks at the end, so it’s a fair enough trade.

The information is going to be the slightly tricky side.

There are only two books that will pass on this information. You can buy them both from Blake inside the Crimson Caravan compound by New Vegas. You can also steal them off of his little kiosk. They’re called Tiny, Tiny Babies and Stress and a Modern Refugee. They’re actually pretty cheap, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

If you really don’t want to buy the books, or just can’t for some reason, then you can take Arcade Gannon with you when you visit Markland. This will open up the option to have Gannon simply teach him everything that he needs to know.

No, Not Much - Reinforcements for Bitter Springs

You need to visit three separate camps to request reinforcements for Bitter Springs. Note that if you are well liked by the NCR, you should be able to get the reinforcements without doing anything. Then again, if you’re well liked you probably already did the relevant quest.

Camp McCarran - Go into the terminal and talk to whoever is marked on your map. I believe you may need to talk to Curtis about securing reinforcements, if you haven’t done “I Put a Spell on You” yet. If you haven’t done it yet, then talk to Colonel Hsu and prove that Curtis is a traitor. Once that’s done, you should be able to secure your reinforcements. If you weren’t able to save the monorail, then you should also be able to secure the reinforcements by helping them interrogate the prisoner.

Camp Golf - If they don’t like you well enough to just take your word for it, you can secure some reinforcements by completing “Flags of Our Foul-Ups” in any way.

Camp Forlorn Hope - You will need to finish the fairly long quest “Restoring Hope” to open up any reinforcements from this other run down camp.

No, Not Much - Securing Supplies

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Helping Bitter Springs - Great Khan Supply Caches

Securing supplies for the camp isn’t that hard. There are three caves just to the north of the camp that have supply caches hidden inside.

They should be marked on your map, so just go from one cave to the next. If you don’t have enough in Security to pick the locks, then just clear the first two caves and go to the third. You’ll be able to get a key there.

The first should just be a radioactive cave right next to the top of the camp. Go inside and gun down the creatures inside. I believe it should always be giant ants around a pile of nuclear waste. Don’t linger in here, since you’ll take steady radiation the whole time. Pick the lock on the cage and grab the supply case from the table. This one is irradiated, so we’ll have to deal with that when the time comes.

The second is just your standard cave and is only a little further up the mountain. Go inside and kill whatever creatures are waiting for you. I believe i ran into nightstalkers here. Just put your back to a wall and keep firing.

The third cave is a special one and a pain to get to. You need to move northwest and carefully move along the slopes. If you find a bunch of fire geckos, then you should be close. The Great Khan sniper, Oscar Velasco, is inside. If you bring Boone or wear NCR armor, he’ll shoot as soon as he sees you. Otherwise, you can talk to him and pass a Speech check to convince him to stand down and leave for Red Rock Canyon to rejoin his people. Gilles will actually prefer a bloodless solution to the problem, but the choice is yours. If you talk him down, he’ll give you the key to the supply caches. If you kill him you can get the key off of his body.

With the three supply cases in hand, go back to Captain Gilles and hand both of the good ones over. If you want, you can lie and say the irradiated case is fine. This will count as evil. If you have 25 points in Science, you can tell her how to purify the supplies and complete the quest.

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