Fallout: New Vegas Guide - Unfriendly Persuasion

Fallout: New Vegas Guide - Unfriendly Persuasion
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Unfriendly Persuasion - Introduction

This is a pretty quick but potentially very rewarding quest. You’ll get this one by going to Jacobstown. It’s a town to the far aorthwest along the road leading up into the mountains. Just follow the trail up through the forest until you get to the remains of the sky resort. Once you actually make it to the trail, you should only run into brahmin and bighorns, so it’s not a terribly difficult trip.

You don’t actually talk to anyone to get the quest. It will trigger itself when you try to leave Jacobstown after looking around for a bit. If you go to the lodge and speak with Doctor Henry, that should be enough. Marcus should run up and ask you to deal with the NCR mercenaries that are harassing the town before you leave.

Unfriendly Persuasion - Convincing the NCR Mercenaries to Leave

You have a few options for this one.

The simplest is the Speech check. If you have more than 65 points in Speech you can just convince them to leave without any trouble. If you made it up the mountain successfully and have been putting any points into Speech, then I assume you should have enough to pass the check. Note that you may want to explore the other options before you commit to the Speech check.

While they aren’

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Unfriendly Persuasion - Convincing the NCR Mercenaries to Leave

t real NCR troopers, they know enough to not mess with the NCR. If you are well respected in the NCR, then you can point out that you’re a real NCR hero and you’re telling them to leave. This will have the same impact as if you passed the Speech check. They’ll happily leave without a fight.

You can also go for the non-skill finish. If you ask them what it would take for them to leave, they’ll offer to back off if the super mutants just pay off the remaining portion of their contract. You can walk back to Marcus and ask if he has the money. Shockingly, the town treasury has enough to spare (for once in the game you aren’t expected to bankroll a “good” option). If you want, you can lie and tell him that you need 3000 caps with a Speech check and pocket the difference.

This is where it gets a bit interesting though. You can always carry the quest out this far. There’s no commitment until you actually get the mercenaries to leave. This means that you can talk to the mercenaries, ask about how much of a bribe they’d need, collect the bribe money from Marcus and then just use a Speech check to convince them to go. With that simple step, you will have picked up 2,500 caps without bad karma and 3,000 caps if you lie.

You can also kill the mercenaries. There are a few steps. You can basically cheat the stealth detection system and use silenced weapons and damage them while well hidden and pick them all off. You can also just attack. They really aren’t pushovers though, so make sure that you’re ready with a good weapon and some very good armor. If you can’t handle them, you can run back to Marcus and just let the gate guards handle it. Naturally this is a little risky, since it’s a bad idea to let the AI try to handle a battle.

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In the far northwest corner of the map, you can find this supermutant refugee community and help Marcus improve all their lives. You can help out with some research to figure out a way to cure the Nightkins' mental illness and deal with some NCR mercenaries that threaten Jacobstown.

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