Fallout: New Vegas - Run Goodsprings Run Walkthrough

Fallout: New Vegas  - Run Goodsprings Run Walkthrough
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If you don’t feel like supporting the soft town of Goodsprings in Ghost Town Gunfight, you can convince Joe Cobb

to launch an attack against the town itself so that the Powder Gangers can add some new territory to their map. Note that you’ll need to talk to Joe Cobb before you promise to help Ringo. If you commit to help Goodsprings, then he won’t believe that you really want to help.

You can find Joe Cobb leaning against a house a short distance away from the Saloon. The easiest way to find him is to leave the saloon and walk down the main highway (the one that’s in better shape and runs along the outside of the town). You should be able to spot him near a bend in the road as you leave town. If you’ve made it to the water sources, you’ve gone too far.

Once you talk to him you can agree to help prepare for their assault. The first step is to just kill Ringo. He’s cowering in the gas station, so just go up ot the gas station and arm yourself with a shotgun or melee weapon (or make sure that you use VATS with something less powerful). Just attack him, or talk to him and threaten him so that he attacks first. It doesn’t seem to really matter. If you’re really having difficulty with this, you can come back later or wait until night and get a sneak attack on him while he’s asleep.

Return to Joe Cobb and convince him to go ahead and use his little gang to take over the town while he’s got the momentum. Although his Powder Gangers will need some supplies before they can even hope to take over the town.

Run Goodsprings Run - Powder Ganger Preparations

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Run Goodsprings Run - Getting Supplies for the Powder Gangers

Chet can be convinced to give you a set of leather armor and give weapons and armor to the Powder Gangers. You should be able to just threaten him into arming your party with Speech or Barter. You can buy a Barter magazine (Salesman Weekly) from Chet if you need a little help.

Doc Mitchell is probably going to be a bit harder to convince. You can lie to him and say that you need his spare medical supplies to treat a wounded man on the road. You’ll need 25 points in Medicine to actually get the supplies from him. Note that he has a copy of “Today’s Physician” in his examination room. You should be able to take it to help with the Speech check.

I believe that you can just buy the supplies, but that’s a bit of a waste of money when you could just go off and level up briefly in the wasteland and come back to the town.

Once you’ve gathered these supplies, go back and talk to Joe.

Run Goodsprings Run - The Battle for Goodsprings

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Run Goodsprings Run - Killing Trudy and the Goodsprings Militia

The Powder Gangers should be well armed and armored, so you should be ready to go. Confirm that you want the fight to start and march on the fortifications at the saloon.

Note that one of the biggest dangers that i saw was friendly fire from Powder Ganger dynamite. Be careful about getting ahead of the group. As for the townspeople, you shouldn’t have too much trouble overwhelming them. You’ll lose the bulk of the unnamed Powder Gangers, especially the few that try to do a melee rush or don’t wear armor. Just make sure that Joe Cobb lives. He’ll be at the back, so he shouldn’t be in much danger if you stay in front and draw some fire toward yourself.

Sunny Smiles is the only one that puts up much of a fight. Try to get close and use VATS to take her down. Trudy has a caravan shotgun, so she can dish out a lot of damage, but she doesn’t have a lot of health. Help bring her down quickly. Chase down the Doc and finish off the final supporters waiting by the wagons. It’s an AI battle so just reload if it doesn’t go well.

Talk to Joe Cobb to confirm your success and receive your cut of the money. Note that you can also get a lot of good loot form the dead militia. Doc Mitchell may have a nice gun or energy weapon, Trudy should have a caravan shotgun, Sunny Smiles has nice armor and the rest should have lootable guns and ammo. Also scavenge from your dead allies for some gear too. Don’t be afraid to encumber yourself, since you can just limp to Chet’s store and sell it off at a good price. This is especially true because of your new discount at the store, which means great sales prices.

Note that you should have a decent reputation with the Powder Gangers. I suggest that you make a good impression on them at the NCR Correctional Facility, since that will be your closest doctor for awhile. If you’re playing in Hardcore mode, that will be very important.

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You have the option to decide the fate of Goodsprings. It can become a haven for Powder Gangers or you can fight them back and protect both Ringo and the town from their attack. If you need help with either side of this Goodsprings quest, look here.

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