Fallout: New Vegas - Camp Golf - Flags of Our Foul-Ups

Fallout: New Vegas - Camp Golf - Flags of Our Foul-Ups
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Flags of Our Foul-Ups - Introduction

Flags of Our Foul-Ups is a fairly quick quest that basically boils down to passing the appropriate skill checks. You can get it at Camp Golf by talking to Sgt. McCredie. He should mention the problems that they’re having with a group of soldiers. If you have locked at the computers around the main base building, you can learn that they almost killed themselves on the grenade training course. So they need a lot of help if they’re going to help out the NCR at all in the future.

You can usually find their tent near the entrance the camp. If you’re approaching it from the south, it should be one of the first tents on the left. Go inside and talk to the soldiers to figure out their problems. The squad leader doesn’t know how to deal with her squad, the ex-Khan doesn’t have any discipline, the poindexter is intentionally failing and the farmer doesn’t want to kill.

We’ve got our work cut out for us. Each one has an idea on how to fix the squad and they all have some valid points. You basically need to make a decision based on your skills and on how you personally want to roleplay this one.

Note that once you pick a choice, you basically have. Explore your options and choose wisely.

Flags of Our Foul-Ups - Fixing the Misfits

Flags of Our Foul-Ups - Helping the Misfits on the Training Course

Mag’s Solution - Mag’s solution is pretty direct. She wants you to take them out to the firing range and walk them through the practice drills again. If you want to succeed with this process, you will need to have 45 points in Guns and 45 points in Explosives. Confirm that you want to use her option and follow them out to the firing range. It’s right next to their sleeping quarters. Just use the skill checks for guns and then explosives to give them good advice and help them work together as a squad. Once their session is finished, they will be good enough to pass their exam.

Razz’s Solution - This should just be a standard milk run mission. Razz wants to get the squad’s aggression up with the use of Psycho. Since he needs a bunch, you will have to go to Jack at Red Rock Canyon. If the Great Khans hate you, then this is not much of an option.

Poindexter’s Solution - Poindexter wants you to help them cheat the system. There are two computers with their test results. You’ll need to have a Science skill higher than 75 to get both. The first one is on the reception desk in the main building’s lobby. If you go in at any time, you should be able to crouch behind the desk and position yourself so that you’re hidden. If the NCR ranger outside is in a position to see the desk, just wait until midnight. The second computer is inside an office just behind the desk. It should be abandoned at night and in the early morning. Just hack it and fix the files.

O’Harahan’s Solution - O’Harahan wants to start off with some simple kindness. Note that this is probably the fastest option if they’re all in their tent still. You just need to have more than 40 points in Speech. Also note that the Speech check is actually inserted into old conversation trees. You have to ask them about what they think is wrong with the squad to get the option for the Speech check. Convince all three of them to start working together better to complete the quest.

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