Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - I Fought the Law

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - I Fought the Law
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I Fought the Law - Introduction


If you plan to help Goodsprings, do this questline before doing Ghost Town Gunfight.

Evil characters, neutral characters and even NCR supporters will want to do this short series of quests for Eddie at the NCR Correctional facility. Note that these quests are actually not “evil” and you can choose to backstab Eddie and help the NCR at the end. In fact, that seems to be the only way to help the NCR officially take the prison unless another option is patched or modded in later.

The NCR Correctional facility is to the northeast of good springs along the thin road. You should be able to see it from the road. Watch out for traps as you approach it. Dawes is the gatekeeper, and he’ll insist on 100 caps before he lets you into the prison. This is true even if you’re wearing a Powder Ganger uniform (since he sees through your disguise) and appears to still be true despite what Joe Cobb will say if you help him.

If you’re hated, then don’t bother paying him. He’ll attack anyway after you give him the money and you can loot the key off of his body.

Go inside and walk through the prison yard and go to the administration building. Eddie is waiting in the office above the entrance. Walk upstairs and past his bodyguards to talk to him. He’ll be willing to give you a test mission. It seems that one of the Powder Gangers went rogue and set up an unaffiliated camp by the prison. We need to get rid of Chazev.

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - I Fought the Law - Dawes

If you’re vilified, it’s still possible to get the quest. The key is not being seen killing anyone. Wear a Powder Ganger uniform and enter the administration building. Hannigan, the medic, will probably attack you, so finish him off in his side room. All of the bodyguards upstairs can see through your disguise. Use a stealth boy and reverse pickpocket dynamite onto the first guard outside. You should now be able to get into the office.

There are three more guards. You should actually be able to draw them out alright. Eddie doesn’t necessarily see through your disguise, but his bodyguards will report you quickly. If you run in and out quickly, you should be able to get a few bodyguards to follow you out to the stairs (start sneaking on the staircase to make them carefully approach you and not raise an alarm). Gun them down on the staircase one-by-one and clear a path to Eddie. If you run in, talk to him and sprint out, he may not become hostile. You only have to pull it off three times, and each quest boosts your Powder Ganger reputation so it should get easier.

I Fought the Law - Handling Chavez

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - I Fought the Law - Chavez

The Chazev mission is easy. Walk out of the prison and follow the path to the Powder Ganger camp. There should just be four men. If you plan to kill Chavez, then don’t bother talking to him. You’ll just give him the chance to strike first. Just try to get a sneak attack on him to start off the fight and then gun down the other three men. Or you can choose to do it my way and toss from dynamite into the camp and get things started with a bang. If you have more than 30 points in Speech, you can convince him to just leave. Either way works and there doesn’t seem to be any real benefit to not killing him, besides roleplaying as a diplomat.

I Fought the Law - The “Merchant”


Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - I Fought the Law - Suspicious Merchant

he next mission is to investigate a suspicious man waiting by one of their ambush points, Jean Sky Diving. If you travel there you will find a man resting by the building. He claims to be a merchant, but nothing really adds up for that.

If you have more than 6 points in Intelligence you can see through his disguise and get him to admit that he’s a bounty hunter. If you have more than 30 points in Speech you can also get him to reveal that he’s a bounty hunter. Trying to take a toll from him also presents you with an opportunity to scare him away with 30 points in Speech, but if that fails then you’ll need to fight him (since he thinks/knows that you’re a Powder Ganger).

If you want, you can also just kill him. It’s your call and he should have at least 100 caps on him. Report back to Eddie.

I Fought the Law - Spying on the NCR in Primm

Talk to Eddie again to learn that he needs you to do a little spying in Primm for him. Note that you should probably be able to take care of saving Primm and “My Kind of Town” while you’re at it.

There are a few ways to learn what the NCR is up to at their Primm Outpost. If you’ve managed to clear a path through to the Vikki and Vance Casino, or if you’ve already freed much of the town, then you should be able to just to talk to Jonathan Nash. If you ask if he’s heard anything, you’ll get the option for a Speech or Barter check. You can convince him to tell you the truth and pass on some rumors from an NCR deserter he helped. You can also just pay him 100 caps.

You can also pickpocket the military orders off of Lieutenant Hayes in his tent. I didn’t have a problem doing it in plain sight without much skill in Sneak, but make sure that you quicksave first. Read the note to learn about their plan to assault the prison

Now, you get a real decision. If you’re supporting the Powder Gangers (or just oppose the NCR), then go back and report the coming attack to Eddie. You can also convince Lt. Hayes to tell you about the attack, now that you know about it, and he’ll begrudgingly agree to let you team up with Sgt. Lee and attack the prison.

I Fought the Law - Defending the Prison

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - I Fought the Law - Defending the Prison

As soon as you tell Eddie about the attack, the NCR will blow a hole in the fence by the administration building. I counted about 8 men in NCR armor with service rifles. They seem to break into two teams and hit both sides of the administration building. Make sure that you have at least some good leather armor if you don’t want to get chewed up by their service rifles. Also, since you’re depending on the AI to do a whole lot, you need to have several saves before the battle and during the battle.

Note that you don’t have to lose any reputation with the NCR if you don’t want to. They’ll be hostile to you, but they’ll also be a little busy with the Powder Gangers to target you. You should be able to just run away. If you want to fight, note that you’ll take a lot of reputation damage from killing just one soldier. I had some luck using my incinerator to wound them a bit so that the Powder Gangers were able to take them out. If you want, you can reverse pickpocket guns onto some of the unarmed Powder Gangers in the yard. The melee fighters don’t have any real chance of being able to rush the NCR firing line (and even if they make it, you need some serious melee weapons to damage the soldiers through their armor).

Note that you can can pull up some reinforcements by going into the Visitor Center, Cell Block A and Cell Block B, since any unnamed Powder Gangers inside will rush to join the battle. After you’ve wounded the NCR, fall back into the administration building. Eddie and Scrambler are fairly strong. Hannigan will probably die, since he just has a knife (on the bright side, you can now steal the doctor’s bags under his table). Eddie and his bodyguards are fairly strong, so they have about a 50/50 chance of gunning down the NCR men that make it inside.

I Fought the Law - Taking the NCR Correctional Facility


Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - I Fought the Law - Killing Eddie for the NCR Raid

f you want, you can guarantee the success of the prison raid by getting stealth kills on most of the Powder Gangers. The bodyguards are the real threat. If you can quietly plant some dynamite on them or just pick a few off, then things will go much better (I saw this in action, since I had to kill the bodyguards to remain undetected during the quest).

Once you meet up with Sgt. Lee, you can start the mission. The NCR should dominate the Powder Gangers. The men in the towers are the only real threat, and they just aren’t using good enough rifles to punch through NCR armor. The NCR squad also sticks together and rains down a whole lot of firepower onto individual targets. They’ll reach the administration building quickly. This may be the only tough spot, since the bodyguards are armed fairly well. Help them out and protect Sgt. Lee. Just follow the NCR into the administration building and use a good shotgun or rifle to kill Eddie. Once you kill Eddie, the mission will be a success.

Note that a lot of people seemed to have problems with this quest. First, make sure that Sgt. Lee stays alive. Stay close to him and cover him. Don’t let him rush the bodyguards. I believe he needs to live to take Eddie’s place and confirm that the attack is a success. You can also go ahead and clear out the visitor’s center and cell block if you want to be absolutely sure.

Go back to Lieutenant Hayes to confirm the success and receive absolutely nothing for your help. There is no reward, unless you loot a few of the dead NCR soldiers for armor and a decent weapon

I also believe that the tags in general may just be wrong. Even if everything goes right, the radio may refer to the siege as a failure. For now, just hope for a patch and don’t worry about what’s ultimately a minor detail.

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