Fallout: New Vegas Help - Saving Primm

Fallout: New Vegas Help - Saving Primm
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My Kind of Town - Saving Primm

Primm is probably going to be the second town that you visit in Fallout: New Vegas. Unfortunately, the main building in town has been overrun by some rogue Powder Gangers. If you want to advance the main quest or restore the town, then you’ll need to take care of them and free the Deputy.

Approach Primm and walk through the NCR outpost. They aren’t going to offer any help, so you’re on your own. Bring a good weapon (at least a 9mm pistol with plenty of ammo or a shotgun) and try to put on something resembling armor. They aren’t going to be pushovers, but they won’t be that tough either. Also note that these technically aren’t Powder Gangers, but convicts. The Powder Gangers give you free reign to kill these guys, since they’re a splinter group.

Walk across the bridge carefully and watch the ground. Disarm the mines that they set up to avoid crippling yourself before the mission starts. As you walk in, there will be a few Powder Gangers patrolling the town. Move carefully and see if you can stay hidden. Even non-stealth character should be able to avoid their lines of sight and get a few sneak attacks.

Carefully clear out the town by moving down the three streets, then approach Steve’s Bison Hotel. Move up and carefully go inside. Watch out for any convicts inside. If you can, you can pick the lock or hack the first computer on the nearby supply closet for more loot.

You general goal is to kill the leader of the convicts and take out the main group in the large room at the end of the hallway. There’s an option to use the maintenance key to sneak around behind them, but it isn’t really that necessary. If you make it to the end of the hallway, you will be able to get a sneak attack on the group and then use the central wall for cover. They can hit you from both sides, thanks to the double doors, but you should be able to just fall back a bit and gun them down as they rush you. Just watch out, since the convict leader seems to always have an incinerator. This nasty flamethrower can actually toss fireballs at you, so be ready to take him out first. Once the area is clear, loot the convicts’ bodies for weapons and ammo, then approach Deputy Beagle in back. He’s tied up, so go ahead and untie him and talk to him to understand what happened.

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - My Kind of Town - Primm and Deputy Beagle

The sheriff and his wife were killed in their beds (you can find their bodies by going into the sheriff’s shack). Deputy Beagle is the closest thing we have to the law. If you can pass the Speech check, you can make him stay with you as a companion. I gave him a 9mm and some ammo and he was fine. I did have 7 points in Charisma though, so you may want to keep it in mind. You definitely don’t want Beagle to die, so only bring him with you if you want some cover.

The only thing left to do is go up to the upper floor of Steve’s Bison Hotel. You can either go up the stairs or use your Repair skill to fix the elevator. You don’t have to clear it out, but the convicts up here should be spread out and vulnerable. It’s easy loot and experience. You can also pick a lock in the back room for some jet and psycho. You can even exit out onto the rollercoaster, if you want.

Note that if you go outside Bison Steve’s Hotel at any point, then Deputy Beagle will leave you and go to the Vikki and Vance Casino. If Deputy Beagle disappeared (and isn’t dead) then he’s probably there.

Once you free the deputy, go into the Vikki and Vance casino to find the entire Primm population holed up and armed in the casino. They’re going to stay in here until you can restore law to the town.

My Kind of Town - A New Sheriff

You have three options for a new sheriff. You can convince the NCR to police the town. You can find an e

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - My Kind of Town - Primm - Vikki and Vance Casino

xperienced sheriff, like the one being held in the NCR Correctional Facility just a short distance away. Finally, you can use your Science skill to programm Primm Slim to be the new sheriff.

I personally suggest that you make the decision just based on your own story and roleplaying. For the rundown, the NCR are fairly powerful and effective, but they tax heavily and institute martial law. The convicted Sheriff, Meyers, is the ta ke-no-prisoners wasteland sheriff. He’ll get the job done but he his method is fairly unrefined and a bit brutal for a civilized area.. Primm Slim is basically the neutral and easy option (also technically a comedy option).

Installing Meyers will net you a discount in Nash’s store at the Mojave Express Store. Installing the N CR as sheriff will raise the prices at Nash’s store, but give him a bit better supply. Primm doesn’t seem to do much, since he’s the neutral choice.

In order to get the NCR to protect the town, talk to Lt. Hayes in his tent to learn that he’ll need more men if he’s going to appoint a sheriff too. Walk down the highway further until you make it to the Mojave Outpost. Talk to Major Knight at the main command center. If you have more than 20 points in Barter, you can point out that Primm would make an ideal trading hub. Otherwise, you’ll need to help out Ranger Jackson with “Can You Find It in Your Heart?” Once the outpost is a little more safe they’ll have some soldiers to spare.

T urning on Primm is easy. Just have 35 points in Science and turn him on. There’s no rush, so either wait until you level up a bit or buy a Programmer’s Digest magazine.

In order to recruit Meyers, walk up to the NCR Correctional Facility. If the Powder Gangers like you, then you’re fine. If they hate you, then you’ll need to be ready for a brief fight. Watch out for dynamite traps along the road and approach Dawes. If the Powder Gangers hate you, you’ll need to kill him. Even if you were a disguise, he’ll see through it after your conversation and attack. Just kill him and take his clothes. Put them on to

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Major Knight at Mojave Outpost

disguise yourself as a Powder Ganger, if you don’t have a Powder Ganger uniform already. There aren’t any name d Powder Gangers inside the Visitor’s Center, so no one should see through your disguise.

Meyers is sitting just inside the entrance at the Visitor’s center. Talk to him and convince him that you’ll get him a pardon. He’ll leave and walk up to Primm. In order to secure his pardon, you’ll either need to pay Major Knight 200 caps or have 30 points in Speech. Confirm the pardon with Meyers after he arrives in Primm to secure his role as sheriff.

Note - As soon as you install a sheriff, the Vikki and Vance Casino will empty out. This means that you can go into the cashier’s booth and steal a lot of chems, equipment and pre-war money.

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