Fallout: New Vegas - Novac Side Quest - Saving the Brahmin

Fallout: New Vegas - Novac Side Quest - Saving the Brahmin
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The Screams of the Brahmin - Introduction

This is an unmarked quest in Novac. It’s a fairly useful quest, since it can help raise your reputation in Novac quickly and help net you a free room at the large motel. It’s also good for easy experience and some free brahmin steaks. Unfortunately this unmarked quest seems to have some really buggy scripts. It is quite possible that you won’t be able to properly finish it with a fair bit of luck from the random number gods.

If you talk to No-Bark, you can learn that a machine gun wielding “chupacabra” has been killing the McBride’s Brahmin. Obviously No-Bark’s a little off, but if you pay attention to his story it seems clear that a deranged individual with a stealth boy has been causing all of the damage. You can also talk directly to the McBrides. Dusty and Alice McBride live apart from the rest of Novac’s population, in a small house in the middle of town. You can recognize it because of the small pin with three brahmin next to their house.

They’ll confirm the killings and note that every night at midnight they hear gunfire and screaming. They should also offer a small reward if you can manage to save the rest of their herd from whatever has been killing them.

Saving the Brahmin - Novac Side Quest

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Saving McBride’s Brahmin - The Nightkin by the Pen

If you wait around until roughly midnight and keep an eye on the brahmin pen, you should be able to see a large Nightkin run out across the road and into their pin. Note that he might come a bit later. Don’t give up until about 1 AM. The nightkin should do a bit of a monologue revealing his hatred of the brahmin and then attack one of them. Kill the Nightkin after he starts his rant and search his body for the notes on why he did it (the brahmin “screamed” at him in the night, because of his mental illness, in case you were wondering). You should be able to talk to the McBrides to get your small cap reward, some free brahmin steaks and receive a nice boost to your Novac reputation.

Unfortunately, this quest can bug out easily. I personally saw one instance where the Nightkin merely stood around the pin and didn’t launch into his script. There honestly isn’t too much that you can do, so I would suggest that you just leave it alone or kill the nightkin for the base experience. It’s an unfortunate bug, but at least it’s an unmarked and unimportant quest. If you really want to do the quest, then you can try reloading an earlier save and fast traveling around a bit. This might reset the script and make it work correctly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get your reward.

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