Fallout New Vegas - I Put a Spell on You Walkthrough

Fallout New Vegas - I Put a Spell on You Walkthrough
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Begin Your Mission

Colonel Hsu can give you the mission at Camp McCarren. He’s inside the terminal, with a small office to the left of the main terminal entrance. He’ll ask you to find out who the spy is by helping out Curtis with his investigation. He’ll point you toward the head of the Military Police, Boyd, and a corrupt quartermaster, Contreas. There is a separate quest to reveal his corruption, but Contreas isn’t related to the spying.

If you talk to Boyd, she’ll mention Contreas' skimming and some odd break-ins at the control tower. You can figure out the exact times of the break-ins by either checking the log at the control tower entrance or by talking to the First Recon Snipers to learn that the lights come on around 1 AM each night. Note that this is true even if you have completed Three-Card Bounty and they’re in Camp Forlorn Hope.

One thing that is very important is that you follow the following instructions. It seems that a lot of people have run into bugs and a somewhat unexpected instant failure. If you stick to my path, you’ll have no problems.

I Put a Spell on You - Catching the Spy


I Put a Spell on You - Saving the Monorail from the Spy’s Bomb

n order to catch the spy andsuccessfully foil his plan, you need to eavesdrop on his radio conversation in the control tower.

Wait on the tarmac and take cover by one of the planes. You should be able to just wait here safely. At some point after midnight (it may be closer to one depending on the schedule), you should see Curtis walk along the tarmac toward the control tower. If you get too close to him, he’ll stop you and ask why you’re out this late. You can pass a Speech check and convince him that you’re just out for a walk, but he’ll be too suspicious to continue with his meeting. He’ll head back to the barracks.

Sneak along behind Curtis, but keep a fair bit of distance between the two of you. Follow him into the control tower, and use a stealth boy if you don’t have many points in stealth. You may want to have your companions wait outside, but they didn’t cause any problems for me.

This is the important part! Do not attack Curtis, at all! Killing Curtis at this point in the quest seems to doom the monorail. Even if you manage to make it there in time and disarm the bomb, it will still blow up. Just wait there for him to report a patrol moving out and mention that the monorail is set to blow. If you have more than 35 points in Explosives or 45 points in Science (or have the magazines or mentats to boost your skill enough in either) just leave and run. If you don’t, pickpocket the disarm codes off of Curtis.

Run into the terminal and go up to the second level and through the marked door to the monorail station. Get onto the monorail and walk to the connecting door. There’s a bomb in one of the vents next to the door. Use your skills or the codes to disarm it. There does seem to be a time limit, so I suggest that you hurry. Don’t wait around in the station either. There’s no reason to tempt any bugs.

I Put a Spell on You - Conclusion

If you want, and aren’t afraid of potentially triggering a bug, you can go back to the control tower and kill Curtis. Otherwise, just report your success to Colonel Hsu. This will result in Curtis being killed, so you can go back to the tower and loot his body if you want. Other than that, you’re done. You should have a nice reward and a bit of a reputation boost with the NCR.

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