New Vegas Repconn Rocket Facility Main Quest: Come Fly With Me (Bright's Followers)

New Vegas Repconn Rocket Facility Main Quest: Come Fly With Me (Bright's Followers)
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The Repconn Facility

You’ll probably get the lead for this from the citizens of Novac. The scavengers in Novac can’t salvage anything from the Repconn facility because a bunch of ghouls have taken up residence inside. They want you to help move them out of there.

You can get this lead from No-Bark (who thinks that they’re communist ghosts) or by talking to Manny, who will be in the dinosaur’s mouth during the day.

The path out to the facility is simple. Follow the road and check the bodies along the way. You should pass some signs of fighting, which will confirm that there are ghouls inside the Repconn Rocket Site. As you approach the front entrance, you’ll run into some feral ghouls. Engage them with whatever you have. They shouldn’t be Glowing Ones, so you’ll be fine. Shoot them down and enter the facility to trigger the intercom.

Your instructions are pretty simple. You need to go up the metal staircase in the back to reach the upper research level and find the friendly ghouls. There shouldn’t be any enemies on this level (and they’ll warn you before you enter the basement). Feel free to loot the Nightkin bodies and the dead ghouls for awhile. Walk up the steps and use the intercom by the lab entrance to gain access.

Come Fly With Me - Exorcising the Demons

Repconn Test Site - Come Fly With Me - Killing the Nightkin (Demons)

Talk to Jason Bright to learn about his little cult. Bright wants to fly away, but his little party was just crashed by a bunch of Nightkin (They’re using stealth boys, so he thinks that they’re invisible demons). He doesn’t have the manpower to actually drive them back, so he wants you to clear out the basement.

Nightkin are a royal pain and an absolute nightmare in these close quarters. If they can manage to close the gap between you, then expect to take a lot of damage from their rebar swords. If you’re having trouble with this quest, then go back and pick up Boone. Read this guide on “One for My Baby” to learn how. Once you have Boone in your group, the Repconn Basement gets a lot easier. He should be able to take out a few Nightkin on his own. As a general rule, get close and use something with a lot of penetrating power. At early levels, a .357 revolver or Cowboy Repeater should be alright. Even a Caravan Shotgun to the face should stumble them a bit.

Note that you do have some options. If you want, you don’t actually have to fight more than the first few Nightkin. Look for the short dead end hallway near the entrance. If you should find a large room with a bunch of dead Nightkin and a ghoul sniper above you. Harland has been holed up in here for a few days and wants to get out. He’ll only leave if you can find out what happened to his girlfriend.

There’s a bit of a conflict though. You can look in the room next to Harland to find a named and peaceful Nightkin, called Davidson. He may be slipping into insanity, but he can hold it together long enough to talk to you. Just don’t bump Antlers, move Antlers or make fun of Antlers. That will make Davidson hostile.

Davidson just attacked the Repconn facility to get a shipment of stealth boys so his men could remain hidden. If you want to help them out, you need to examine Harland sniper perch for records of the shipment. He won’t let you come up though and it’s impossible to sneak past him.

It is possible to satisfy both of their needs if you are stealthy or use a stealth boy. Davidson seems to turn hostile if you kill the Nightkin Jailer (or it may just be that the jailer is the last of his men, if you clear the basement normally). You can sneak around the jailer, and get a spare jail key from a desk. You can then use it to open the marked door in the reactor area to find a dead ghoul. Harland’s friend is already dead. You can report this news to Harland to convince him to make a run for it. He’ll abandon his platform. You can then go up (watch for traps on the floor) and check the computer near his post to learn that the stealth boys were sent back quickly after being received. If the jailer is still alive, you can tell this to Davidson and he’ll abandon the Repconn facility.

There’s no real bonus to pulling it off this way though. If you want to support Davidson, just shoot Harland and break into his post. If you want to support Harland and kill the Nightkin, just clear the area out and kill Davidson.

Come Fly With Me - Preparing for Launch

Fallout: New Vegas - Come Fly With Me - Jason Bright

Regardless of how you do it, report back to Jason Bright when the basement is clear. He’ll run down and start rocket preparations. Follow him down if you don’t want to get lost later. You need to go through a sewer entrance at the back of a room and follow it down to the bunker. Talk to Jason Bright and Chris Haversam once you’re down here to begin the next step.

If you have enough points in Speech, you can convince Chris that he isn’t a ghoul and even convince him to sabotage the rockets. If you want the evil option, this is one path (another will present itself if you have more than 55 points in Science, so don’t worry).

The main quest is to get the rockets up to spec for launch. You need some thrusters and some atomic fuel to jump start the process. Note that there is a ladder just outside the bunker that leads to an emergency hatch outside of Repconn. Use this to save a little time as you run the errands.

The fuel is easy. They’ll remark about some fuel in a highly radioactive area, but there’s no reason to risk your skin. Just go to the Novac gift store and talk to the owner, Cliff. He has a bunch of toy rockets with a weird glowing isotope in them. You can buy a few off of him and get the rest from his supply closet. You should actually be able to buy a key off of him, but I had no problem slipping in behind him and picking the lock during store hours. Only take five rockets. You only need five and they count as quest items. You cannot drop them later. If you give him five rockets, he’ll be able to make enough fuel.

The thrusters are actually just as easy. Go to the Gibson scrap yard just to the north of Novac and talk to Old Lady Gibson. You can buy them off of her for 500 caps. Speech or Barter might let you talk her down to 250. You can also just steal them from a case by her bed by picking the lock or pickpocketing the key off of her. 500 caps isn’t really that much (especially if you know how to play Caravan, since No-Bark will bet 800 caps happily)

If you want to sabotage the engines, then you can probably just buy a few off of Cliff.

Come Fly With Me - The Launch

Fallout: New Vegas - Come Fly With Me - Launching the Rockets

Hand everything over to Chris when you’re ready for launch.

Run up and into the research area to reach the outlook point and launch control center. You should be able to just follow the arrows up and into the research lab.

When you go outside, you’ll see that everything is ready for launch. If you have more than 55 points in Science, examine the navigation control panel to the right of the launch button. You can either program a more optimal course or program the three rockets to crash into one another. It’s your call and really just affects the story at this point.

Once you make the adjustments, hit the button and watch the launch. You will have officially completed the quest. If you go back and report the success to Manny, you’ll get a lot of reputation in Novac for clearing out the Repconn facility.

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