Fallout: New Vegas Guide - High Times

Fallout: New Vegas Guide - High Times
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High Times - Introduction

You can get this quest by talking to Julie Farkas in the Old Mormon Fort just past the East Gate into Freeside. You can usually find her walking around the main camp. If she’s not outside, check the corner towers.

If you talk to her about helping Freeside, she should mention helping BIll Ronte and Jacob Hoff beat their addictions so that they can go back to helping Freeside and the Followers. Both of these men are still in Freeside and they even have the same dealer, so it’s pretty easy.

High Times - Handling Dixon

The first step to curing their addictions is to talk to at least one of them. You can find out that Dixon supplies them with Jet and Alcohol. Dixon is usually really close to Jacob Hoff’s mat, so look there first. He’s fairly distinct from the the usual Freeside crowd thanks to his mercenary clothing. Talk to Dixon and find out that he takes a bit of a sick joy from keeping them addicted.

The only real way to solve this seems to be with your Speech skill. If you have more than 35 points in Speech, you can threaten to convince everyone that he’s working for the NCR. I guess you could try to kill him, but it’s going to be pretty hard to do that quietly. If you don’t have the points in Speech, just level up a bit and drink some alcohol.

Once you’ve cut off their supply, they will be willing to talk about treatment for their addictions.

High Times - Curing Their Addictions

Fallout: New Vegas - Side Quest - Jacob Hoff and High Times

Bill Ronte and Jacob Hoff should be willing to talk about possible cures once you take care of Dixon.

Jacob Hoff is willing to get clean, but he wants 10 Fixers. This is going to be pretty expensive and really difficult to find. You probably will want to just pass one of the skill checks and get another option.

If you have enough Science you can point out that a hotshot of other chems will take care of it in one go. Since Psycho, Buffout and a single dose of Fixer are much easier to find than 10 Fixers, you should take this route. If you have more than 50 points in Speech, you can convince Jacob that he’s strong enough to do it all on his own. He’ll walk over to the Old Mormon Fort and join their rehabilitation program. This counts for a completion.

Bill Ronte can also be “cured” with just the Speech option. He has a less demanding treatment option though, since he just need some Radaway, Whiskey and two Fixers. It’s your choice.

Once both of the men agree to clean up, you will have successfully completed the mission. Talk to Julie Farkas to confirm it and get a nice boost to your reputation with the Followers of the Apocalypse.

Healing Bill Ronte and Jacob Hoff will have some nice side effects. Bill should manage to fix up the water system and help make the water pump go back to being free. Jacob will put his chemical skills to good use and help the Followers go back to a surplus of supplies. Julie should be able to give you a free Stimpak, Rad-Away or a Fixer each day. It’s a bit of a long trip, but it’s nice to be able to pick up some free supplies when you go through Freeside.

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