Fallout: New Vegas Side Quests - Novac - One for My Baby

Fallout: New Vegas Side Quests - Novac - One for My Baby
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The Beginning of the Quest

You can start this quest in Novac by looking around the town. Craig Boone takes up a sniper’s post in the dinosaur’s mouth at night. You can reach this point by going through the gift shop. It’s also possible to go nto Boone’s motel room on the first floor, although it does seem to count as breaking and entering. It’s probably best to wait until Boone’s outside before talking to him.

Boone is a man of few words, so this is a pretty simple quest. He wants you to lead the guilty party out in front of his post while he’s on duty. If you have the First Recon Beret on, he’ll shoot them.

Note: You can tell any person in town to stand in front of the dinosaur and have Boone shoot them. If you have Speech higher than 50, you should also be able to convince him that they were guilty without any evidence. Note that if you can’t convince him, he’ll be furious with you and refuse to be your companion. This isn’t a big deal if you plan to side against the NCR (he’ll probably quit fairly soon after you kill some troopers), but it’s a big waste otherwise.

One for My Baby - Investigation

In order to find out who sold out his wife, you should ask around town. Note that only one person has any useful information. No-Bark, despite being a bit crazy, did manage to see the slavers on their way out. You can talk to No-Bark while he walks down the main street or carefully enter his booby-trapped shack.

The slavers stopped briefly in the mlotel lobby, so go there. The entrance is right across from the dinosaur and to the left of the gate before the motel rooms. Go inside and decide on your course of action. The only thing of note in the lobby is the floor safe, since Jeannie doesn’t have much to add to the investigation. You can either pickpocket the key to the motel’s floor safe off of her or wait until night. She abandons the office after about eight, so you can just go inside and pick the lock.

The floor safe at the motel has a bill of sale inside. If you read it, it confirms that Jeannie Crawford sold the slavery rights to the town and sold Carla Boone and her unborn child to the Legion. This is all the evidence we need.

One for My Baby - Boone’s Revenge

Novac Side Quests - Boone as a Companion

Track down Jeannie if you can. If you’re having trouble finding her, try catching her as she leaves the lobby. Some people have reported issues getting her to cooperate if she’s off duty or sleeping. Catching her at the door should work. Remember that Boone has to be on duty, so make sure that he and Manny are staying on schedule.

You don’t need to pass any skill checks to convince her to stand in front of the dinosaur, so just tell her to go outside and make sure that you have the beret on. Her head should explode as soon as she gets into Boone’s sight. Report back to Boone and hand him the Bill of Sale when he asks for evidence (or just use the Speech check if you want). He’ll agree that she’s guilty. If you talk to him about his plans, you should be able to pick him up as a companion.

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