Fallout: New Vegas Help - Ranger Station Charlie

Fallout: New Vegas Help - Ranger Station Charlie
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Ranger Station Charlie - The Mission

If you walk on the usual path from Nipton to Novac, you will find Ranger Station Charlie along the way. It’s fairly unremarkable. They have some ammo and medicine that you can steal, which isn’t too hard since most of the rangers are away on patrol. There’s nothing that you can do here for now.

You can set the unmarked quest in motion by going to Novac and looking for Ranger Andy. He lives in a side room separate from the motel. You can find it by look near the big dinosaur’s tail. You should be able to just go inside and talk to him. The door shouldn’t be marked as owned and Andy generally stays inside.

There are two things you should do in this conversation.

If you have about 40 points in Speech, convince him that he’s still useful as a ranger. He’ll perk up a bit and teach you a really useful unarmed fighting move (it will knock an opponent off his feet). Even if you aren’t an unarmed fighter, there will be times when you’ll want to use this.

Make sure that you also talk to him about the Ranger Station. He’ll point out that he hasn’t heard from the ranger patrol in a few days and he’s worried about them. Agree to check it out for him.

Ranger Station Charlie - Inspection

Fallout: New Vegas - Massacre at Ranger Station Charlie - Audio Tape

Ranger Station Charlie has already been overwhelmed. Technically it didn’t have a chance in the first place, which we’ll get to in a second. Make sure that you have some health before you go in. We won’t meet any of the Legion soldiers here, but it is not safe. Go inside the communications center and carefully approach the first body.

Caesar’s Legion placed mines underneath the bodies and a few other traps in the station. You can sometimes see the mines sticking out a bit, but it’s tricky. If you can, use “Z” to drag the body off of the mine. If you can’t do it, just approach the body until you trigger the mine and then jump back. You shouldn’t take too much shrapnel and we’ll get enough money for a doctor’s visit at the end.

Search the bodies for loot and look at the desk. There is one Ranger Station Charlie holotape under the desk (noting that the Legion came in disguised as a friendly patrol) and another on top of the desk which contains the Legion’s warning. Note that the female Ranger that they captured doesn’t exist in the game world. This isn’t a second unmarked quest, just a bit of backstory for the Legion. Once you pick up both holotapes, feel free to finish looting. Note that the small barracks room is wired with a tripwire and a bottlecap mine at the door. It’s all next to two gas canisters. This will do a ridiculous amount of damage and you basically can’t dodge it or get a good angle to disarm the tripwire. You can either drop a body onto the tripwire and run, or shoot the canisters through the doorway. A little bit of distance should shield you just fine. Take the ammo and equipment left behind if you want it.

When you’re done looting, go back to Novac and report the deaths to Ranger Andy. He’ll pass it on to NCR Command and pay you a few hundred caps as a reward.

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