Fallout: New Vegas Tips - Wang Dang Atomic Tango

Fallout: New Vegas Tips - Wang Dang Atomic Tango
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Finding Talent for the Atomic Wrangler

The Atomic Wrangler is the only bar, casino and brothel in Freeside. It’s owner and primary manager, James Garrett, wants to get some very special escorts for a few eccentric clients. Some things never really change. He wants you to find three people to provide for a wider variety of clients and meet a few “unique” requests. He’s wants a charming man who can provide a “real boyfriend experience,” a ghoul cowboy dominatrix and a literal sex machine. It’s easy caps and you can find all of the required people and parts in Freeside. It will also build up your reputation a little bit, which is always nice.

The Smooth-Talker and Real Boyfriend

This one is actually fairly easy, since you have two options for this. One is even tied into the other Atomic Wrangler quest, Debt Collector.

Santiago is in a back alley by a fire barrel. He should just agree to it right away. If you want to get a slightly better person, then you can talk to Old Ben by the entrance to New Vegas. He should warn you about trying to run past the New Vegas Strip Greeter. If you talk to him about his previous careers and learn about his time as an escort, he should be willing to consider the job at the Atomic Wrangler. If you have Speech above 50, you can convince him that it will be different from the old jobs. He’ll walk over immediately.

Cowboy Dominatrix Ghoul

Freeside - Wang Dang Atomic Tango

This isn’t as difficult as you might think. He’s going to have to settle for a cowgirl, but that’s just how it is. You can find a suitable candidate in the Old Mormon Fort. This is located just outside of the main city by the East Entrance. Look for the large rectangular fortress and go through the main doors to find the stronghold for the Followers of the Apocalypse. A ghoul called Beatrix Russell should be standing near the sandbags in front as a mercenary guard for the facility.

Just talk to her to learn that she isn’t that opposed to the idea. She has the cowgirl act down, is quite clearly a ghoul and will mention that she wouldn’t have a problem roughing someone up. You still need to sell the idea to her though. If you have a Barter skill above 40 or a Speech skill above 50, then you can just convince her that it’s a good idea. I believe that you can also give her a bottle of Absinthe, if you can find it.

The Sexbot - Fisto

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Finding the Sexbot

Getting Fisto the Sexbot isn’t actually that difficult once you understand the directions.

Start out by talking to Ralph at Ralpha & Mick’s to get a lead on the location of a suitable robot. There should be one inside the ruins of Cerulean Robotics. Before you go, ask about getting a holotape to convert the robot into an escort. If your Science skill is above 70, then this isn’t necessary. Otherwise, talk to Ralph and have him start working on a holotape. You can just pay him for it, or use Barter and Speech to talk him into doing it for free.

Note that this is a bit of a tricky location. You need to walk around the big piles of junk and follow the train tracks. If you’re doing the quests for the King, you’ll recognize this area as close to the NCR shelter. Walk along the tracks until you make it onto the other side of a blockade and an abandoned part of the city. Follow the marker to Cerulean Robotics.

There are just a few giant rats inside. Use a shotgun or pistol to clear a path through to the robot. There’s one intact model in back. You will need to have 50 points in Science to hack the computer. If you don’t have that much, talk around. You can get a holotape with a password on it from a cabinet or pick one up by the TV.

Once you active the robot, you can either use the holotape or program the sexbot protocols yourself. Fisto will offer to test himself out on you, feel free to accept his offer if you wish. It doesn’t really matter. Turn ownership over to James Garrett. Note that this was apparently a bit of a personal order for Garrett, so you can talk him up to a much higher reward through Barter and Speech.


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