Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Three-Card Bounty

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Three-Card Bounty
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Fallout: New Vegas - Three-Card Bounty

You can get this quest for bounty hunting by finding Major Dhatri. He walks around Camp McCarren and is a bit hard to find. In general, just look for the bearded man. He looks quite different from the general NCR trooper NPC. He usually stays close to the First Recon Tent though, so start there.

Talk to him and offer your services as a bounty hunter. There are three different fiends that the NCR wants to kill. You can take the missions in any order. There is a unique rule though. You need to take their head and return it for the bounty. This means that you can’t end the fight with a critical headshot. Returning a damaged head will reduce your reward greatly. It’s actually not a very big deal. Most of the companions seem to aim for the chest and you can just make sure that your finishing shots will be in the torso.

Collect the head by looting their body and return it to Major Dhatri to start the next mission and collect your payment.

Note that Boone makes this pathetically easy. He can usually gun down any melee rushers before they even make it to you and he’s not too bad about destroying the heads. I don’t want to mention this in each article, so just note that Boone, or any companion, will be incredibly useful for blasting past the Fiends and the guards.

Three-Card Bounty - Killing Cook-Cook


Killing Cook-Cook - Three-Card Bounty

ook-Cook is a fairly simple Fiend. He uses an Incinerator and a Flamer due to his love of fire-based weapons. Note that an Incinerator, if you haven’t run into one before, is able to shoot balls of fire which will explode upon contact. These can really ruin your day in an extended fight.

If you want, there’s an option to make this a bit easier. If you follow the optional objective and talk to Little Buster (he spends most of his days working on the punching bags by the entrance), he’ll explain that Cook-Cook has a pet Brahmin, called Queenie. He’ll go into a frenzy if she dies. Stealth character can pull this off easily, since Queenie is in the back lot behind Cook-Cook. It’s possible for non-stealth players to also pull this off with ranged weaponry if they approach Cook-Cook’s camp from behind. He’s outnumbered by melee fighters, so they’ll probably be able to kill him with bashing his head in. If not, then he’ll be alone and weak.

If you want to fight him normally, just approach with a rifle drawn. Melee and Unarmed fighters may find this fight easy. If you’re able to take Cook-Cook down quickly, then his incinerator or flamer won’t actually be able to dish out too much damage. Ranged fighters will need to be fast. Try to pick off the melee rushers from a distance and then use the ruins as cover. Stay mobile and move from cover to cover while firing. Use VATS when you can and aim for the torso to bring him down.

Three-Card Bounty - Killing Violet

Fallout: New Vegas - Three-Card Bounty - Violet

Violet is an incredibly straightforward kill. She’s all alone but has a pack of trained dogs with her. She lives in a makeshift fortress on the edge of the city. There are no extra options or tricks for this one. Walk out to the ruins and stay vigilant for any Fiends that may be patrolling the area.

Once you make your way to her fortress, her dogs should all rush out. Use a rapid-fire weapon to cut a few down quickly, then switch to a shotgun or heavy rifle to take out the rest at point-blank range. Violet takes up a sniper’s post in the center of the fortress with a hunting rifle. Just return fire and bring her down with some safe torso shots. Take her head and loot his fortress for some extra ammunition. She certainly doesn’t need it anymore.

Three-Card Bounty - Killing Driver Nephi

Three-Card Bounty - Killing Driver Nephi

Note - Doing this quest will convince Dhatri that First Recon isn’t needed at Camp McCarren anymore. This will make the entire group travel to Camp Forlorn Hope and will break the quest “I Don’t Hurt Anymore.” Finish up any quests with First Recon before you turn in the head.

Driver Nephi is an interesting bounty. He will only attack with a special golf club (a driver, hence Driver Nephi). It actually does a lot of damage, so try to stay out of melee range.

Thankfully, you have another special option for this one. You can talk to the First Recon squad at Camp McCarren to get their help for the mission. They’ll take up a position at the Samson Rock Crushing Plant. You just have to act as the bait and make him run toward the snipers. Even if you don’t plan to do this, still talk to them. Involving First Recon in the attack will convince them to also raise some extra money as a reward for killing Nephi. Just talk to them after you kill him to get the bonus.

As to the actual mission, it’s fairly simple. If you want to use First Recon, approach them and make sure that you approach the marker from the Rock Crushing Plant so that you can merely retreat to the snipers. If you want, it’s possible to just approach the camp directly. Driver Nephi will probably rush you, but use VATS to either shoot him a few times in the chest or cripple his legs. He’s fast, but you can probably draw him away and bring him down. Of course, if you have Boone, he’ll probably be dead before he leaves the camp.

The other Fiends aren’t pushovers and one usually seems to have a laser rifle, so shoot it out with the rest of the Fiends guarding him and then loot the body for his head.

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