Fallout: New Vegas Console Commands

Fallout: New Vegas Console Commands
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Hackin' the Mojave: Fallout: New Vegas Console Commands

Like many games built on the Gamebryo engine, PC versions of Fallout: New Vegas includes a command console that you can use to change various game aspects and functions, such as adding and removing items, changing object sizes and modifying or disabling NPC behavior, to give but a few examples.

While there are many Fallout: New Vegas console commands, however, only a select few are of interest, as many others are used for debugging purposes or perform abstract functions that will have little to no effect. Select others also have functions and features only apparent after extended use, and many Fallout: New Vegas console command lists oftentimes fail to elaborate on the hidden functions of some of these commands.

Activating and Using the Fallout: New Vegas Command Console

Using most Fallout: New Vegas console commands is as simple as hitting the Tilde or “`” key on your keyboard. After pressing the Tilde key, your game will pause and the command console will be awaiting your command. Type a command at the command will appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen; press Enter to submit the command. Some commands require that a target be selected: move your mouse around the screen and click on an object to target it.

The object’s information will appear at the top of the screen to confirm that the object’s been selected. If the object name is blank, appearing as "" at the top of the screen, you’ve selected a static environment object such as a table or wall. Make sure you’ve selected an object like a doorway, container or character when using target-specific console commands, as the commands won’t work otherwise. Note that Steam achievements will be disabled for that particular gaming session once the command console has been activated, so make your changes and restart Fallout: New Vegas to re-enable achievemenst.

Additem X Y

Adds an item to the selected object, where X is the item’s code and Y is a quantity. Leaving out a value for Y will create one copy of the designated item. Some of the more useful items to spawn include:

  • Powder, Pistol: 00140AB2
  • Powder, Rifle: 00140AB3
  • Primer, Small Pistol: 00140AA9
  • Primer, Large Pistol: 00140AAA
  • Primer, Small Rifle: 00140AE0
  • Primer, Large Rifle: 00140AAB
  • Primer, .50 MG: 00140AAC
  • Primer, Shotshell: 00140AEC
  • Electron Charge Pack: 0006B53E
  • Small Energy Cell: 00020772
  • Microfusion Cell: 00004485
  • Mini-Nuke: 00020799
  • Missile: 00029383
  • Missile, High Explosive: 0013E44B
  • Missile, High Velocity: 0013E44C
  • Stimpak: 00015169
  • Bobby Pin: 0000000A
  • Weapon Repair Kit: 00140A68
  • NCR Ranger Combat Armor: 00129254
  • NCR Ranger Helmet: 00145EC5

MovetoQT: Move to Quest Target

Teleports you to the exact location of your current quest objective. Depending upon the location of your objective, this can cause some mishaps such as appearing behind walls and other objects that prevent you from moving. Some quest marker setups, such as those in which you must find an item in a general area, will prevent the use of this command.


Returns the selected NPC to life, including reattaching severed limbs and restoring the body from ashes or goop. Will not re-enable quests that have been failed due to killing a particular NPC. “Kill” is the exact opposite, causing the selected NPC to fall dead on the spot.

Setscale X

With but a single use of the Setscale command, you and your mighty porn ‘stache are free to terrorize the Mojave as you see fit. Just watch that first step: it’s a real doozy.

Sets the selected object’s size as a multiple of the object’s baseline size as dictated by its model, where X is a positive number. Objects can be scaled to as small as .1 or as massive as 10, and the object’s movement speed and viewpoint will be affected by the change in size.

Useful if you want to cross large swaths of land in a hurry, but extremely dangerous: movement speed is changed in accordance with the value used, but falling damage is not, and it’s very easy to fall to your death by running off a cliff that barely comes to your ankle.

Set Timescale to X

Sets the flow of time, where X is a multiplier of the normal rate of time we experience. “Set timescale to 5,” for example, would set the in-game time rate to five times our normal time rate.

TAI: Toggle Artificial Intelligence

Toggles NPC AI routines, including scheduling and social and combat behaviors. NPCs will stand in one place and do nothing until the command is entered again. “TCAI” operates on a similar principle, but only disables NPC combat behavior, preventing them from fighting.

TCL: Toggle Clipping

Toggles clipping, allowing you to float and move through area geometry at will. You can increase and decrease your altitude by looking up and down as you move, though you will always have at least some forward motion even if looking straight up. Very handy if you just want to get somewhere without having to navigate a bunch of obstacles.

TFC: Toggle Free Camera

Locks your character in place and switches camera controls to free mode, allowing you to move it around without restriction. Useful for taking pictures of your character in situations where the normal camera simply doesn’t do it, such as if your character has been enlarged due to the Setscale command. “TFC” by itself will engage the free camera, but “TFC 1” will also freeze all game activity, including animations. You can change the camera’s movement speed with the “SUCSM X” command, where X is a multiplier of the camera’s normal speed.

TFOW: Toggle Fog of War

Removes the fog of war from your local map, allowing you to see all terrain features in the cell. Entering the command a second time will hide any features revealed by the removal of the fog but will leave naturally-discovered features visible.

TMM X: Toggle Map Markers

Toggle Map Markers: Causes all full map markers to appear on your map, allowing you to fast-travel to them at will. “TMM 1” will cause map markers to appear while “TMM 0” will remove all map markers from your map, allowing you to rediscover them.

Unlock and Lock

Unlocks the selected object, be it a chest or a computer terminal. You can also lock objects again by using the “Lock X” command where X is a zero or a positive value. 0 will lock the object with a Very Easy lock, 1-25 will lock with an Easy lock, 26-50 will lock with a Normal lock, 51-75 will lock with a Hard lock, 76-100 will lock with a Very Hard Lock, and 101 or higher will lock the object and require a key to unlock it.


Information Credits: The Vault, GameFAQs and the author’s own tinkering and twiddling with the command console

Image Credits: Fallout: New Vegas

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