Fallout: New Vegas - Old World Blues Walkthrough - Lab X-2

Fallout: New Vegas - Old World Blues Walkthrough - Lab X-2
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Midnight Science-Fiction Feature

This is actually as simple as it sounds. Just walk to the south of Nipton until you reach the Mojave Drive-In. Wait until midnight and then approach the satellite. Examine it, and then confirm that you want to leave for the Big Empty.

After the cutscene, you’ll come to in the observation deck. Take a walk around to loot from the various containers, then take the elevator down to The Sink. Once again, feel free to go around and loot things. There are plenty of mentats lying around the room, along with some ammo and bottle caps. The way forward is the elevator to the Think Tank. Get Guns, Barter and Energy Weapons up, if you can. Barter nets you some free money, 50 in Guns gets you a really nice big gun early and 75 secures you extra ammo. 50 in Energy Weapons will convince them to hand over additional energy cells.

When you’re ready step up to the machines and then start the fairly funny conversation. With 55 in Speech or Science, you can get their attention a little quicker. Then just follow along to get your new perks and a better understanding of the current situation. You can talk to them again and befriend them with some skill checks, but that’s a different set of quests all together.

Talk to The Sink’s central intelligence unit to finish setting up your new home. I strongly suggest buying ammo, and doctor’s bags for hardcore players.

Reaching the X-2 Lab

Killing the Lobotomites in Your Path

We might as well do this one first. It’s a short mission, it’s not too hard and you’ll at least get a weapon out of it.

Note: The antenna is not a quest item, it is a weapon. It weighs 15 pounds, so make sure you have enough room before you leave. The trunk in The Sink’s bedroom should be safe for storage.

It’s a long walk. You’ll need to go directly to the X-2 station across from the Think Tank. There are plenty of lobotomites along the way though, and they’re heavily armed. Just keep moving and firing. There’s no trick to beating them, except you may want to stick to headshots whenever possible, since ammo will get a bit tight if you didn’t bring a lot. Try to grab a proton axe along the way too. It will come in handy and is fairly easy for a non-melee player to use.

Once you make it to the X-2, you should run into a few really tough skeletons in fancy defense suits. The Y-17 harnesses have a lot of defense and a fair bit of health. They should just have basic energy weapons though, which will either barely scratch or obliterate you, depending on your armor. Try to use something with a high damage per shot to break through their tough armor. Crippling a limb will make them far less effective, and they seem to drop weapons easily if you aim for the torso. If you find their weapons to be too overpowering, just aim at their arms and take out the gun.

Getting the X-2 Antenna

The X-2 Transmitter Antenna

Enter the tower to find a few upgraded protectrons. Just aim for the head, as usual, and bring them down in a few shots. There’s a holotape on the table to the left that will turn on Light Switch 01 in The Sink. There’s also a bunch of random loot drops in the crates and filing cabinets around the remains of the tower.

Move up the steps carefully and watch for fire from above. You’ll need to kill a few more protectrons before you can reach the ladder. The door to the exterior of the tower won’t actually lead anywhere interesting for the quest, it’s just another way out.

Climb the ladder, walk up the dish and then up the spanner to reach the antenna itself. Pull it out, and note that it’s a heavy item. It technically counts as a melee weapon and weighs about 15 pounds, so make the necessary adjustments, equip a good weapon and then go back down.

The Robot Scorpions

Robot Scorpions

Dr. Mobius was serious about the roboscorpions. These guys can do a simulated sting, or fire lasers at you from their tails. Crippling the tail doesn’t seem to cause much lasting damage, but it will take them out of the fight for a bit. That said, it seems to just be better to pour fire into their main body.

Kill the one directly in front of you, and engage the rest as you go down the steps. In a ranged fight, you should be able to just take them out. You’re fairly safe while you’re on the stairs. If you start to run low on ammo, or just want to save some for later, you can use the proton axe or the antenna to easily smack them around a bit. The EMP should stun them and let you get the upper hand in close range. Just be ready to take some damage if they manage to sting you.

You can leave through either the ground floor or the third floor exit. It doesn’t seem to make much of a difference though. The bottom floor will have three scorpions lying in wait, while the top has a few on the small catwalk. At this range, I personally suggest just attacking with a melee weapon. Guns will be too slow.

Once they’re dead, just walk away from the tower. You may take fire from the scorpions waiting at the other exit, but you should be able to just ignore it.

This is actually it for X-2. Feel free to explore the nearby locations, or just head back to The Sink to drop off your loot.


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All information based on a level 35 character. If additional help is needed, feel free to ask questions in the comments section below.

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