Full List of Fallout: New Vegas DLC Perks

Full List of Fallout: New Vegas DLC Perks
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Dead Money Regular Perks


In Shining Armor [Level 2, Repair 20, Science 70]: When you wear reflective armor you are able to deflect a portion of the damage that energy weapons will do to you. You gain an additional 5 Damage Threshold when wearing armor, and an additional 2 when wearing reflective eyewear.

Junk Rounds [Level 2, LCK 6, Repair 45]: This perk allows you to craft nearly any type of ammunition using ‘junk’, mainly scrap metal and tin cans. Although the resources required are vastly greater, you can create harder to find ammo without needing the vastly higher Repair skill that the Hand Loader perk requires.

Light Touch [Level 2, AGL 6, Repair 45]: This perk allows you to move a lot more easily when you’re wearing something light. You gain a 5 percent increase in your chance to critically hit an enemy, and your enemies will have a 25 percent harder time landing a critical hit. If you wear light armor this is definitely one of the Fallout: New Vegas DLC Perks you should get early on.

Old World Gourmet [Level 2, END 6, Survival 45]: When you have this perk your body becomes more accustomed to the things that were around before the blast. You gain a 50 percent bonus to any health gains from snack foods, and Scotch, Vodka and Wine will now give you a health bonus as well when you drink them. To top it all off, you now have a 25 percent resistance to addiction.


And Stay Back [Level 10, Guns 70]: When you use a shotgun you will have a 10 percent chance per pellet to knock an enemy to the ground. Although the perk description might lead you to believe this would knock an enemy back, it does not. It simply knocks them to the ground. If you’ve already picked up Shotgun Surgeon you might want to consider this perk as well.

Heavy Weight [Level 12, STR 7]: If you like to carry around a few heavy weapons, then this is the perk for you. Any weapon that weighs more than 10 pounds has its weight cut in half, making your load much easier to carry. Keep in mind that in order for this perk to work, the gun needs to be heavier then 10 pounds. If you modify your weapon so that it’s lighter than 10 pounds, this perk will not kick in.

Hobbler [Level 12, PER 7]: This is similar to the Sniper perk, except instead of head hunting you’re taking out their legs. Although it may not kill them as fast, if they can’t maneuver they’re a whole lot easier to deal with.

Dead Money Companion Perks


In My Footsteps [God Personality of ‘Dog and God’]: When your psychologically disturbed Nightkin friend is displaying the God personality, and is with you, traps will no longer trigger when you walk over them. Your stealth is also increased.

Ravenous Hunger [Dog Personality of ‘Dog and God’]: This is not a perk directly, but it is the effect of this personality coming along with you. When you knock Ghost People unconscious, Dog will eat them and they will stay down. You won’t have to dismember or disintegrate them to keep them down.

Signal Interference [Christine]: This perk will give you an extra buffer to your collar by limiting the signal for a short time, effectively granting an extra 50 percent lag before your collar will detonate.

Unclean Living [Dean Domino]: This perk gives you limited protection against toxic clouds. Not only will you be able to move in them for a brief period before they start to damage you, but the damage will be 25 percent less.

Dead Money Unlockable Perks


Coin Operator [Christine ]: As long as you have both the proper Intelligence and Perception, both being 6, you can pass the checks that grant this perk. This perk allows you to take Fission Batteries and Scrap Metal to make Sierra Madre chips, which can be used in the vending machines of the Sierra Madre, or the one in the Abandoned Brotherhood of Steel Bunker.

Ghost Hunter [Dog]: After seeing Dog devour one of the Ghost People you can obtain this perk by talking to him. After that, Ghost People will be much more likely to die when you reduce them to zero health, and at the very least one of their limbs will randomly explode off of them.

Sierra Madre Martini [Dean Domino]: After talking to Dean Domino about his secret stashes, he’ll let you in on a secret. By combining Junk Food, Tin Cans and Cloud Residue you can create a highly addictive substance that will increase your hit points by 75, raise your Endurance by 4 and raise Strength by 2.

Elijah’s Last Words [Veronica, Holomessage]: If you give Veronica the last message from Father Elijah, her melee attack will increase by 150 percent and she will now have a 25 percent chance to knock down enemies with those attacks.

Elijah’s Rambling [Veronica, Holomessage]: If you choose to keep the message from Elijah for yourself and not give it to Veronica when you are talking with her, your damage from critical melee hits is increased by 150 percent. If you took the Heavy Handed trait this perk will negate the drawbacks while keeping the benefits.

Honest Hearts Regular Perks


Grunt [Level 8, Guns 45, Explosives 20]: You’re much more capable with certain weapons and do 25 percent more damage with them. These are: 9mm and .45 Auto Pistols and SMGs, Service Rifles, Assault and Marksman Carbines, Light Machine Guns, Frag Grenades, Grenade Rifles and Launchers and Combat Knives

Home on the Range [Level 8, Survival 70]: Whenever you come upon a Campfire you will now have the option to sleep. This perk has several benefits, but keep in mind this is not one of your beds, and so will not give the Well Rested bonus.

Sneering Imperialist [Level 8]: You gain both a 15 percent bonus to damage and a 25 percent bonus to accuracy in VATS when fighting against Tribals, Raiders and Fiends. This might sound limited but there are a wide variety of groups that have limited numbers of these types in their group, like Great Khans, Freesiders or Westsider Militia and Thugs.

Tribal Wisdom [Level 8, Survival 70]: Not only do you take 50 percent less damage to your limbs from animals, mutated animals and mutated insects, you gain a 25 percent resistance to poison and are now able to consume insects while in sneak mode, much like the Canibal perk. If you’re planning on getting your Survival skill up this high, this is a great option to get in these new Fallout: New Vegas DLC Perks.


Fight the Power! [Level 10]: This perk allows you to better fight those with an established power base. Whenever you are fighting against anyone wearing NCR, Legion or Brotherhood of Steel armor, your Damage Threshold is increased by 2 and your critical chance to damage them is increased by 5 percent.

Eye for Eye [Level 20]: With this perk, the more crippled limbs you have the more damage you’re able to dish out to your enemies. Each crippled limb gives you an additional 10 percent to your damage output.

Honest Hearts Companion Perks


Well-Stacked Cairns [Follows-Chalk]: When you visit any summit in Zion you will not only reveal all nearby map markers, but your perception will be increased for a full 3 minutes.

Quiet As The Waters [Waking Cloud]: When this perk is active you’re much harder to spot by the White Legs. Their perception is decreased by 3, enabling you to sneak much more effectively.

The Way of the Canaanite [Joshua Graham]: If you’re a fan of .45 Auto Pistol this will be a great perk for the short time you have it. The gun has a decreased spread and your base chance to score a critical hit is doubled.

Old World Blues Traits

Claustrophobia [-]: Do you like to roam the vast wasteland, or do you prefer to dig down into all of its hidden secrets? If you answered yes to the first question, this trait might be for you. When you are outside you will gain a bonus of one to all of your SPECIAL attributes, while being inside will do the reverse and lower all of your attributes by one.

Early Bird [-]: This trait gives you a bonus or a penalty to your SPECIAL attributes based on the time of day. In the morning, from 6AM to 12PM you gain a bonus of two to all of your SPECIAL stats, but at night from 6PM to 6AM you have a penalty of one to your SPECIAL stats.


Hoarder [-]: When you’re a Hoarder you’re used to keeping a lot of stuff with you, so it only makes sense that you’d be used to carrying more than the normal person. You are now able to carry an extra 25 lbs., but if you aren’t carrying at least 160 lbs. of stuff you will start to feel off, resulting in a negative point to all SPECIAL stats.

Hot Blooded [-]: When you take this trait you’re indicating you’ve got an anger issue. When your health drops below 50 percent you will get angry. Your damage will increase by 10 percent, but at the same time your Agility and Perception will drop by two points each.

Logan’s Loophole [-]: If you don’t mind getting stuck at level 30 this can be a great trait. In exchange for this limit you will never become addicted to any substances. Chems will also last twice as long.

Skilled [-]: This trait allows you to be extra skilled, but at the penalty to not paying attention to every day experiences. You gain a bonus of 5 points to all skills, totaling 65 points in total, but you now gain 10 percent less experience as you level. There’s plenty of experience to go around though, which makes this a great trait to scoop up.

Old World Blues Regular Perks

Atomic! [Level 20, END 6]: Taking this perk is a good idea for those that enjoy being full of radiation. The more irradiated you are, the faster your Action Points regenerate. Your run speed and attack speed are also increased. Overall not a bad perk, but as most people want to get rid of radiation quickly, this perk really depends on your play style.


Mile In Their Shoes [Level 20, Survival 25]: This perk will give you a temporary one point bonus to Perception, 5 percent boost to Poison Resistance, and 5 percent to Sneak after eating Nightstalker Squeezin’s.

Them’s Good Eatin [Level 20, Survival 55]: Whenever you kill any living creature you will have a 50 percent chance of finding the items Thin Red Paste or Blood Sausage on them. Both of these are healing items in their own right, but can be used to craft more powerful healing items that can be very useful.

Implant GRX [Level 30, END 8, 2 Ranks]: When you gain the Implant GRX you have instant access to a Turbo like substance that can be released 5 times per day at rank one, or 10 times per day at rank two. The effect lasts for 2 or 3 seconds depending on the rank. While the Chemist and Day Tripper perk will work in conjunction with this perk, the Fast Times perk does not. This perk could be great or completely junk depending on how you feel about Turbo, so you should definitely experiment with Turbo first.

Old World Blues Unlockable Perks

Brainless [Doctor Klein]: Congratulations, your brain has been removed. Your head can no longer be crippled; you’ve got a bonus of 25 percent to resisting chem addiction, and a 5 percent bonus to your Damage Threshold.

Heartless [Doctor Klein]: You no longer have a heart. You can no longer be poisoned, healing items are boosted by 25 percent, and robots are confused by you lowering their ability to ring your bell with a critical hit by 50 percent.

Spineless [Doctor Klein]: Yes, your spine has been removed too this time. Your Strength has been increased by 1, Damage Threshold is also raised by 1, and your torso can no longer be crippled.

Big Brained [Sink Auto-Doc, DLC Completion]: You have your brain back and it has improved while it was away. Your head still can’t be crippled, but your resistance to chems has been lowered by 10 percent from the previous state. Your Damage Threshold is now increased by 10 percent though.

Cardiac Arrest [Sink Auto-Doc, DLC Completion]: With your heart back in your body you are now only 50 percent resistant to poison and robots will be only 25 percent less likely to gain a critical hit, but healing items now are 50 percent more effective than normal.


Reinforced Spine [Sink Auto-Doc, DLC Completion]: Your spine is back and better than ever. Your torso can be crippled now, but the bonuses to your Strength and Damage Threshold are now doubled, adding 2 points to each instead of 1.

Implant C-13 [Sink Auto-Doc, 8,000 Caps]: This implant will give you a 10 percent damage boost to cazadores.

Implant M-5 [Sink Auto-Doc, 10,000 Caps]: This implant will increase your movement speed when you are crouched by 20 percent.

Implant Y-3 [Sink Auto-Doc, 12,000 Caps]: This implant can eliminate the radiation from small water sources. It will help you with Dirty Water, but not if your drinking from a toilet.

Implant Y-7 [Sink Auto-Doc, 20,000 Caps]: This implant will allow you to gain additional health and Action Points when eating food. The end result is a 5 HP bonus and a 2 AP bonus.

DNAgent [X-8 Data Retrieval Test Quest]: After completing the required quest you will now do an additional 10 percent damage to Nightstalkers.

DNAvenger [3 Ranks]: You must kill several cazadores in the Big Mountain Research and Development Center area for this perk. Each rank of this perk adds an additional 10 percent damage to cazadores. You must kill 2 cazadores, then 3 cazadores, and then 5 cazadores to reach the highest rank.

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