Fallout: New Vegas - Honest Hearts Walkthrough - Companion Quest Guide

Fallout: New Vegas - Honest Hearts Walkthrough - Companion Quest Guide
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Follows-Chalk - The Civilized Man’s Burden

This one is a fairly simple quest, but it’s slightly hidden. You’ll probably need to talk to Follows-Chalk again after you finish up the first round of quests for Joshua Graham and meet up with Daniel in the Sorrows Camp. Follows-Chalk will then walk back to the Dead Horses camp. You should be able to just travel back and find him back somewhere near the camp fire.

If you talk to him, he should ask you about what you’ve seen of civilization. If you talk to him for a bit, he should mention that he’s considering leaving the Valley so that he can go out and see the rest of civilization. If you wish, you can offer to talk to Joshua Graham about it. Note that if you’re doing this quest after talking to Daniel and retrieving the items for him, you will need to travel back to the Sorrows Camp to find Joshua. He’ll be waiting by the entrance to the camp, usually in the middle of the river.

Joshua will just confide that he isn’t sure. He figures that you’re a better source of guidance for him, so he’ll ask you to offer him advice.

Walk back and talk to Follows Chalk again, and you’ll get your options. If you wish, you can lie and say that the advice came from Joshua, but there really isn’t much need. Once you get the chance, you can tell him whatever you liked about civilization. Telling him that it’s dangerous, but that he should see for himself, will convince him to leave. If you convince him that it’s not worth leaving the Valley for, you can convince him to stay behind.

Note that your decision does not impact what happens during your time in Zion. Even if you tell him to leave, he’ll stick around until the end.

Waking Cloud - A Family Affair

It’s Not Hard to Get Daniel to Reveal What He Knows

You’ll get a chance to do this one after you drop off the supplies with Daniel. After Follows-Chalk leaves to rejoin the Dead Horses, you shuld encounter Waking Cloud, who will offer to join you and act as a guide. If you talk to here, she’ll mention that she’s a little concerned about her husband and you can guess that something very unfortunate has happened.

If you talk to Daniel, you should be able to convince him through normal speech to reveal that Waking Cloud’s husband died. He’ll ask that you not tell her about it, since she doesn’t need the distraction right now.

Once you have the information, you’ll be able to make your own decision on the matter. If you wish, you can tlak to Waking Cloud and tell her that you talked to Daniel, as she asked you to. You can then lie and tell her that everything is fine. This will net you some bad karma, so keep that in mind. You can also opt to tell her the truth, and frame it as you wish.

Just as before, this will not have an impact on the current game or quest. She will have her discussion with Daniel later, and despite his fears, she will not be impacted by the news either way. This only has an impact on the ending story.


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