Fallout: New Vegas - Honest Hearts Walkthroughs - Rite of Passage

Fallout: New Vegas - Honest Hearts Walkthroughs - Rite of Passage
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Preparing for the Ritual

This is a fairly quick side quest, but it has the fairly nice reward of She’s Embrace. It’s the only way to get a genuine Yao Gaui gauntlet, so it’s worth a quick look.

You can get this quest by talking to Waking Cloud and asking about her yao guai gauntlet. She’ll explain that they’re only earned through the hunting ritual, and that you’ll have to talk to White Bird. His cave can found in the back of the Sorrows camp. Just walk past the waterfall and up the stairs to find it.

If you go inside, you can talk to White Bird and learn about the ritual. You’ll need the three Sacred Datura plants to make the special tea though. You actually might already have enough. While the game will mark a few on your map, they’re actually really annoying to get. For the most part, you can just follow any path or trail and keep an eye out for the plants. They have several white leaves, so they’re easy to spot. They’re also fairly numerous, so you should be able to find enough without too much trouble.

If worse comes to worse, you can also usually just buy some from Joshua, who will now hang out at the Sorrows camp.

Once you have enough, you can go back and confirm that you want to start the ritual. Note that you should only start it when you’re ready to actually do it. Drinking the tea makes your screen tinted and adds a bit of hyper-reaction mixed with motion blur to your vision. It’s a little annoying and it won’t go away until you finish the ritual.

Taking Drugs and Killing Bears

The Ghost of She

Walk forward and follow the river to the left. You can’t actually trust the marker on the map. You need to just follow the river until you find the Vault 22 guard camp. You’ll probably be able to spot it thanks to the spore plants. Move in and look for the Ghost Den. That’s your ultimate target.

As you get closer, you’ll run into a few yao guai and the occasional cazador. Once you make it into the actual den, your vision will flash and the Ghost of She will appear. It’s a flaming yao guai with roughly the health of a giant yao guai, but she’s capable of doing twice as much damage. Move to the right immediately and start firing. You’ll have to deal with the vision flashed, but a strong rifle will still bring the Ghost of She down in a few shots. Use VATS if you can. Loot She’s Paw from the body to finish up this part of the quest. Once it’s over, you can just travel back to White Bird’s cave and wrap up the ritual. He’ll congratulate you, the vision effects will die and you’ll get a special gauntlet called the “She’s Embrace.”


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