Fallout: New Vegas - Honest Hearts Walkthrough - Supplies for the Sorrows

Fallout: New Vegas - Honest Hearts Walkthrough - Supplies for the Sorrows
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Roadside Attraction

I suggest that you start out with this one. It’s the first of the technology scavenger hunts. You can go to the crashed bus that’s just off of the road to the west of the welcome booth. This is actually pretty easy. Walk down to the bridge and find a good spot to drop down into the river. If the water’s deep, then you won’t take any fall damage. You can then just wade over to the crashed and burned out bus. The worst thing that I saw around it was a green gecko, so keep a pistol out and you’ll be fine.

Move into the bus and look around. The broken compass is just in of you on the bus. There’s a sensor module that you can also pick up in the scout master skeleton’s hand. You can then just repair the compass with these parts, with 30 points in Repair or just take it as is.

Gone Fishin'

Gone Fishin' - The Walkie-Talkies Are Past the Geckos

Just walk over to the fishing lodge. You should be able to just follow the road and then branch off to the left at the bridges to reach it. If worse comes to worse, just jump into the water and look for the slope you can climb nearby.

Watch out for a possible ambush along the road, then just move on up into the fishing lodge. Just go inside with a weapon drawn. There are three geckos inside, so be ready to start shooting as soon as it loads. It shouldn’t be hard to put them all down though. Even a .45 pistol will work wonders. Check the crate in the bathroom for a key to the cabinet. There’s also a first aid kit here with some good loot in it.

There’s a gun cabinet by the bar too. The main draw is the locked cabinet behind the bar though, which has two walkie-talkies in it. Take both, and grab the hunting shotgun and ammo leaning against the bar if you want it.

Then head out.

Tourist Trap

Tourist Trap - Finding the Lil' Scout Lunchboxes

This final part of the mission is a two-for-one raid.

Just follow the road and then the trail to find the general store. There are a few Zion mantises inside, along with a mole rat. If you give Follows-Chalk a decent melee weapon, then he’ll probably solo them. The shelves have some nuka cola and sunset sarsaparilla. The cash register has a key for the desk in back, and there’s a silenced .22 pistol in the display case. Most importantly, there’s a Zion Memorial Park snow globe on the shelf behind the cash register. Grab it now for a free 2000 caps and a new collectible back in your suite. There are two Lil' Scout lunchboxes on the counter, one in some boxes on the left side of the store by the pans and one in the open locker by the desk, behind the broom.

Check the back room for a terminal that you can hack for order history and a desk to unlock for the final Lil' Scout lunchbox.

Go up to the Ranger’s Station. There should be 3 bark scorpions inside. Just go into VATS and shoot them. They die in about one rifle shot, or a good melee hit. There are some .45-70 bullets under the reception desk. There’s also a few things you can take from a duffle bag in back. The main thing is the medical kit on the table.

You can choose to sterilize the kit with alcohol (there’s some in the refrigerator back here), or you can make replacements for the contaminated items. You just need to pick the duct tape off of the shelf by the fireplace, and the turpentine off of the table in the back right corner of the main room. You can also just salvage what’s left, if you wish.

Deliverer of Sorrows

The Sorrows Camp

Just go into the Sorrows camp and find Daniel. You can reach the camp by either jumping into the river, or following the middle path to the Sorrows Campground at the end, which will put you just a short swim away from their camp. Go inside and find Waking Cloud first. She’ll run up and talk to you. Daniel should be walking around somewhere on the river.

NOTE: Talking to Daniel and completing the quest will remove Follows-Chalk as your companion. He will give back everything that you gave him, which will probably encumber you. Sell what you can and sort out your inventory ahead of time, or be ready for a slow walk out of the camp and a long period of unloading heavy items onto Waking Cloud.

Talk to him to hand over the supplies and get all of your new quests. As you leave the camp, Waking Cloud will talk to you and offer to join. Accept her help and then get ready to move.


All screenshots from Fallout: New Vegas - Honest Hearts DLC

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