Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money Walkthrough - Curtain Call at the Tampico

Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money Walkthrough - Curtain Call at the Tampico
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Getting Inside the Theater

In order to start up this quest, go back to the lobby after handling Dog. There will be ghost people waiting in the lobby, so be careful. I counted three. Your revolver or basic weapons should be fine for now. Just take them out and move forward.

Walk up and go into the theater through the marked entrance. The reception desk has some chips to loot, and also a terminal that you can use to learn the protocols. Basically, things get a whole lot easier if we trick it into thinking that the show is in progress.

Walk inside by going to the left. The speaker on this side is unshielded, so you can just shoot it. Move forward and swing into the bar. You can loot the first aid kit and safe, then move forward into the center pit. Grab Vera’s music off of the stand. You’ll also get a key to the backstage area (which was hidden in the music), but this will trigger all the sentries to begin their patrol. Apparently Dean is supposed to call out to you, but it didn’t really work for me. It doesn’t actually matter though and presumably depends on your relationship with him.

I suggest that you just sneak forward to the right, then jump over the rail and run into the backstage area.

Backstage Pass

Backstage at the Tampico club in the Sierra Madre

Close the door to keep the security guards from following. If you look up, you’ll spot the first emitter. Blow it up. Move forward carefully. The next area is a special trap. There’s a radio inside Dean’s room, and a speaker on the wall around the corner. You’ll probably need to take two runs to do it.

Go inside Dean’s room once it’s safe, and loot it. You can get his blackmail evidence from the safe, and get medicine and ammo from the first aid kit and gun case. The most important thing is the key off of the desk. Walk down the corridor again and go into the storage area. Turn to the left quickly and shoot the speaker on the wall. You can loot this area too for some more chips and gear. Look behind the couch for another emitter. Shoot it to clear the path.

Quickly run into Vera’s dressing room with your key, and shut the radio inside. You can get the tape of Dean singing from the desk, and get Vera’s master key. You can also get a little more loot and chips from the room.

Finally, hack the computer outside Vera’s room to shut down the speakers.

This has officially cleared the path. Just go back out on Dean’s side (the way you came in), and you can walk right up the stairs to the left to reach the projector room. The guard on the stage won’t spot you. There’s a Speech skill book on the shelf, so grab it and read it, if you want. You can also use the projector up here to play the hologram recording of Dean’s song and turn off the last security guard on the stage.

Dean Domino’s Fate

Killing Dean Domino

Walk back to the backstage area on Vera’s side. The stage door is now open, so go inside and talk to Dean. If you were friendly with him and didn’t do anything to shatter his fragile ego, you can make him see the error of his ways. Note that his ego is very shallow. If you outsmarted him in the initial negotiations, he won’t calm down. If you looted one of his stashes while he was present, then he won’t forgive you.

Even in that case, make sure that you ask about his plan to learn the whole backstory for him for the in-game achievement. You’ll also learn the truth about Christine’s attacker (so don’t feel to bad about killing him).

If you’re going to kill him, then it’s actually quite easy. His tuxedo doesn’t offer much aid, but he does regenerate fairly quickly. Just shoot him in the head a few times in VATS to kill him. Grab his tuxedo and the reinforced helmet on his little balcony, then put your gun away and run. You should be able to make it back out to the lobby in plenty of time.

Be careful though, 3 more ghosts will be waiting. Take them down.


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