Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money Walkthrough - Trigger the Gala Event

Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money Walkthrough - Trigger the Gala Event
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Trigger the Gala Event - Introduction

Once all three people are in place for the gala, it’s time for you to trigger it. You’ve got the hardest part too. You need to get inside the bell tower in Salida del Sol South. That’s the one unexplored area and it’s crawling with ghost people. Note that triggering the Gala Event temporarily cuts off the Villa. It will be full of ghost people, so you won’t be able to do much except cut a path through and get inside. Once you’re in the Casino, you’ll have to finish the heist before you can go back. Buy what you want, and stock up now. There’s also not much of a reason to hold back. Get whatever stimpaks and ammo you need. Also, you will probably want to run past some enemies later. If you’re playing on hardcore mode, you will probably want to swing by the medical clinic and get your limbs fixed by the auto-doc.

Walk through the Salida del Sol South, and look for the doorway in the house in that will lead through to Salida del Sol North. Once you’re in here, you’ll probably find a lot more ghost people, and an unnaturally large number of bear traps. Seriously, look at the ground the entire time you aren’t fighting. This place is a nightmare on hardcore mode. On that note, I did this entire area with two crippled legs and a crippled arm, because I ran out of doctor’s bags. That was fun! On the bright side, that means that it’s not going to be absurdly difficult for nayone else. There are also some radios spread throughout the area. In general, it’s not that hard to just limp past them in time, or spot the ones positioned in rooms. I assume you’ve gotten fairly good at spotting them by now.

Trigger the Gala Event - Reaching the Bell Tower

Walk through the northern area with whatever your favorite weapon. Melee players should be careful, since there seemed to be a large number of trappers too. They’re incredibly skilled at crippling arms, which is another thing you probably don’t need. The key is to keep moving through houses and around until you reach a store in back. There’s not much truly notable loot, besides a vending machine code for Rad-X on a table you’ll walk past.

Overall, just keep walking as the crow flies until you make it to the strange area with the skeleton and the embalming fluid. This is one of the few good landmarks. Walk down the steps into the cellar. Use the flashlight on your Pip-Boy, and watch out for ghosts in the basement. You’ll come out in the courtyard.

Walk up and around the balcony, watching for groups of ghosts in the center. Keep moving forward, but watch for the room you’ll pass on the left. There’s an armory inside, with about 100 microfusion cells on a shelf in a locker and some ammo in a box in the corner. You’ll need all of this. Having 100 holorifle and you’ll soon reach a new area with a ladder that can take you up to the bell tower. You’re safe up here, so just look around and grab the vending machine codes for the super stimpak and holorifle upgrade. When you’re ready, use the panel and to contact your team. Confirm it with each of them and then trigger the Gala.

Trigger the Gala Event - Reaching the Sierra Madre

Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money Walkthrough - Trigger the Gala Event - Reaching the Sierra Madre

This will make a whole lot of unnerved ghosts spawn. If you want, you can try to clear the courtyard from here with your holorifle. Note that the ghosts don’t seem to suffer any accuracy hit though, so you may want to just face them at a closer range.

The walk out is fairly simple. The only thing that’s really changed is the number of enemies, and a few new shielded speakers turned on. I was able to walk past them in time while crippled though, so I assume it won’t be a problem. If you want, it’s actually not a bad idea to just run past the ghost people. If you avoid their immediate rush, they won’t be able to catch up to you. If you zig zag, you’ll also dodge most of their spears.

Backtrack out the way that you came for the easy escape. I believe one shortcut exists over the rooftops, but you have to avoid some poison gas clouds which probably isn’t worth it. Use stimpaks as you go, and get out of the section as quickly as possible. The ghosts won’t follow you into the next area. Run through the next section of Salida del Sol, and then rush over to the fountain. Once you’re through, the gate to the Sierra Madre, you’ll be home free.


All screenshots and references from “Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money.”

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