Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Dead Money - Strike up the Band

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Dead Money - Strike up the Band
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Strike up the Band - Reaching the Rooftop

Dean Domino’s is fairly easy, especially if you have already done Mixed Signals. Dean Domino needs to go to Puesta del Sol South. This is just a bit past the area where you dropped off Christine. If you’ve already done Mixed Signals, then the area will be clear of most of the gas clouds and enemies.

Dean is also surprisingly handy, if for no other reason than his default pistol. He has unlimited ammo, so you can probably just hang back and let him empty his magazine into ghosts. You can then just run up and execute the downed ones for him. Since you shouldn’t see any groups bigger than two, it will work fine. Just watch out for any seekers with gas bombs.

Walk over to the marked exit to Puesta del Sol North from the fountain area. Once you make it inside, you’ll just have to walk a bit further for the entrance to Puesta del Sol South. There actually isn’t too much in the area, just a few pairs of ghosts and one big red cloud. This cloud actually marks the main area you need to go to for the quest.

Walk forward and watch out for ambushes by the ghosts, especially for seekers on the rooftops with gas bombs. Dean can handle himself, but you’ll want to watch your ammo and health. Follow the few paths until you see the large red cloud between you and the marker. Rush through it. Dean should be able to shield you for most of it. Once you’re in the store, you can loot a bit more and make it to the marked spot. There should be an upgrade code for the automatic rifle here.

Strike up the Band - Convincing Dean to Stay

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Strike Up the Band - Convincing Dean Domino to Stay on the Rooftop

Dean’s not really happy though. You can choose to just threaten him, if you want. He’ll begrudgingly agree to wait for the signal then. If you want to help him, you can choose to turn on the holograms for him. There are two in Puesta del Sol South.

The first is quite easy. Just go down the steps to the left of the rooftop, and you’ll find an unlocked terminal. Use it to start up the hologram at the entrance to the store. The other hologram is a bit trickier though. The balcony doesn’t go around all the way to the other hole in the wall you need. Drop down past the cloud and walk forward until you reach the ruined cafe. It’s just around the corner from the marker. Go into the cafe and loot what you want, then go up to the next floor to reach the balcony. Go out and walk along it until you reach the terminal. You can then turn on the hologram.

Walk back to the rooftop and talk to Dean again. You may have to do it through the companion wheel. Tell him that both holograms are up and he’ll agree to wait for the signal. Backtrack to the fountain for your next mission.


All references and screenshots from “Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money.”

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