Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Dead Money - Mixed Signals

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Dead Money - Mixed Signals
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Mixed Signals - Puesta Del Sol

You need to get Christine to the relay station and manage the power. That’s fairly easy. If you can, give Christine a cosmic knife. She should be able to do just fine with this. Since she doesn’t have a default weapon, you’ll need to also supply her with ammo for any weapons. Given the AI’s trigger happy nature, this is less than ideal.

Walk over to Puesta del Sol. Go inside and engage whatever ghost people you see in the first square. Put them down, and then keep going. There isn’t a lot of notable loot. There’s a store off of the first section, and a few other little alcoves to loot. Note that you’ll clear some of the red gas out later, so there’s no rush to do your looting now.

Walk through along the fairly straight path, but watch for a hole in the wall with a black arrow pointing into it. Go inside and up the steps to the third floor. You can find a rooftop outpost up here, and you can even listen in on Elijah’s channel. For the time being, you just need the fuse out of the toolbox. Later, you can use the rooftops and balconies to move between a few buildings.

Drop back down and walk down the street. There’s a little path through the clouds that will let you make it to the big steps leading to the station. Run through the cloud and make it to the green door. Go inside for now.

Mixed Signals - The Fuses and Speakers

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Dead Money - Mixed Signals - The Speakers

There’s a locked door blocking your way for now, until you fix the fuse box. You can do this with either 3 fuses or 60 points in Repair. One fuse is right here in the room. Walk around the partition and grab the fuse in the toolbox. You should have plenty of time, thanks to Christine’s jamming frequency.

The next one is just a short distance away. Go back out the door and turn to the right. If you look into the cloud, you should be able to see a few pipes off just a few steps to the right. Run in a diagonal and quickly get a fuse from the toolbox. Run back out of the cloud before you die, then go inside and fix the fuse box.

Open the door and quickly walk down. Turn to the right and follow the arrows on the wall to shoot the hidden speaker. Repeat the trick for the next two speakers, until you make it to the giant vault-style utility room.

Mixed Signals - The Remote Terminal

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Dead Money - Mixed Signals - Crossing the Red Cloud Floor

The pathways are broken and you’ll need to mainline stimpaks to get across the floor normally. Walk down to the steps and go to the first landing, then jump over and land on the big pipe running through the room. You should be able to use this to get about halfway across, and land past most of the gas and the bear traps. Run straight ahead and hustle up the steps to get out of the cloud. For now, just go into the utility room on the left. You can’t do anything about the speaker on the right, so this is the only path.

Open the utility room and use the terminal to get more history, then go to the next room to find the ventilation controls. Turn them back on to clear the gas from this area and most of the outside area.

If you want, you can backtrack and walk along the floor normally to grab some hidden ammo supplies, and a man with a Dead Money jumpsuit lying dead behind a table in the back corner. He’s visible from the original stairs, usually. He’s apparently the one that left arrows directing people through bear traps.

Once you’ve grabbed what you want from the floor, go back to the utility room and loot around. There’s an automatic rifle lying against the lockers and 48 bullets, 24 of them armor-piercing, lying nearby and in the sink. Loot the lockers for jars of the cloud, and make a note of Ennis’ locker if you can’t pick it now. If you can, get the remote terminal access password.

Walk out the door and quickly run across to the next door. Pick the Average lock and run to the other side of the room. The beeping will stop. You can turn and destroy the turret with a few shots. The terminal on the desk can shut down the speakers and make the rest of this really easy.

Walk across the one straight shot of the catwalk until you get to the other room. The terminal on the side has more information, and it also has a key to Ennis’ locker lying on the desk. The other terminal nearby is the remote access terminal that we need.

Mixed Signals - Picking Christine’s Post

Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money Walkthrough - Mixed Signals - Christine and the Remote Terminal

The situation is fairly simple. If you use the elevator to go down, you’ll get a note explaining that the room is a cramped place of whirling terror that will undoubtedly give Christine some nasty flashbacks. She signals that she doesn’t even want to be in the elevator too. If you’re playing for bad karma, you can force her to do it anyway. If not, you can just wire up the remote terminal to do it. You should be able to just hack it, or use the password from Ennis’ locker. Set it up, and then tell her that it’s ready for use. She’ll be quite appreciative.

There’s a vending machine code for holorifle reinforcements lying on the generator across from the remote access terminal. Grab it. You can then just take the elevator up and leave through a shortcut into the now much safer Puesta del Sol.

Backtrack to the fountain for your next mission.

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