Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Dead Money - Finding Christine

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Dead Money - Finding Christine
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Finding Christine - The Medical District

Christine is actually fairly easy to get. If you got Dog first, then just backtrack a bit and walk over to the door to the Medical District. Go inside to reach this little suburb. As noted, this is still an outdoor area, so the air will still sap your health. Note that in here, it’s mainly speakers, not radios. Look for a silver box with a blue light. There were three that I counted, but it’s a little hard to give good directions. Remember that you should be able to quickly move past them. A large number of these were actually above arches, so if you hear one as you go through a door, run through until the beeping stops, then spin around and look for it.

There actually isn’t much noteworthy loot. You can walk around the rooftops and upper balconies to get a little ammo and more chips, especially if you brave your way through the red cloud in the first gift shop. Make sure that you loot cash registers, as they usually have chips inside.

Loot the various rooms and cabinets for chips if you want. There should be a few ghosts inside, so stay alert. They were just harvesters on my run. If you went to the police station first, then you should at least have a good revolver to take out the weak guys. Remember to finish them off once they’re on the ground.

The clinic is your main goal. It seems like the best route is to go through the gift shop next to the main clinic entrance. You can go up and over and walk into the courtyard that’s behind the clinic, then enter the second floor rear entrance. Either way, it doesn’t really matter, as the two entrances aren’t that far apart on the inside.

Finding Christine - The Clinic Holograms

The only enemy inside is a single security hologram. If you come in on the second floor back entrance, you’ll be right next to a security terminal. Use it to send the patrol down to the first floor. Don’t worry about the beeping, that’s the shield speaker below you. Walk past it and it will stop quickly. The emitter is on the wall. It’s blue and fairly easy to spot. 60 points in Science, or 25 points in Repair appears to be enough to kill it, or just try shooting it.

If you entered on the first floor, you’re temporarily safe. The patrol is stuck to the second. You can use a computer terminal down in the reception area to send it down to you. Run through the hallway to the right and make it to the second floor. You can find the emitter and kill it.

If engaged, just fall back out of the emitter’s range and try again, or get out of its line of sight in one of the main side rooms in the clinic.

Finding Christine - Exploring the Clinic

Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money Walkthrough - Finding Christine - The Malfunctioning Auto-Doc

Once you’ve taken care of the security program, you have a free reign of the clinic. Go to the second floor and work your way down. Check the offices for a lot of chips and medicine. The Chief Physician’s office has a doctor’s bag and a code for Mentats on the bookshelf. Also, you should read his computer to get more information about the history of the Sierra Madre.

Another computer on the second floor has the code for Med-X and a very important key to the Clinic basement.

Move down to the reception area and get the code for stimpaks off of the reception desk, and loot a few magazines from the waiting room too. The real secret is the auto-doc wing. Go inside and look in one of the surgery areas with the decapitated bodies. Loot the bodies, and grab the Assassin Suit off of the table. It’s an incredibly useful suit of armor for stealth players. Also note that the auto-docs can fix crippled limbs, so use them if you’re hurt.

As noted by Elijah, the red light on the speaker means that it’s shielded. You need to go down the stairs in the right hallway to reach the clinic basement. Use the terminal in back to shut down the generators.

Go back down the auto-doc wing and reach the final auto-doc that’s malfunctioning in back. If you want to have Christine as your companion, you should dismiss your current one. If you have a companion when you convince her to cooperate, she’ll just run to the fountain. Save yourself a little trouble if you know that you want her.

Christine is a mute at the moment due to the auto-doc’s butchering. Calm her down and explain the situation to her. She’s pretty easy to read at the start. Just explain what’s going on, and convince her to join you. She should also stop and explain that she can interfere with the speakers’ interference to buy you more time.

If you’ve looted what you want, leave the clinic and go to the next stop.


All screenshots and references from “Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money”

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