Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money Walkthrough - Finding Dean Domino

Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money Walkthrough - Finding Dean Domino
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Finding Dean Domino - The Residential District

To find Dean Domino, go to the Residential District. It’s just a bit past the fountain form the Police Station and Medical Clinic. Note that you should pass a gift shop with a working vendor, who also has a code that lets you return clothes. You can also trade the vendor trash you’ve picked up for stimpaks. Finally, there should be a footlocker on the ground nearby with an automatic rifle. Open the door to realize your new challenge. The area is full of red gas, and it’s loaded with traps. Naturally, it’s a good idea to have God with you. He can neutralize and delay traps very easily.

There’s a shortcut that people with a lot of health and lockpicking skill can take, but I don’t see any real advantage to it. You’ll just miss out on a lot of loot. The traps aren’t a big deal either, as long as you can spot them.

Disable the frag mine guarding the stairs, and then go up to the doors. Go across the planks and disable the tripwire in the side room. Disarm the now harmless shotgun trap, and check for anything worth taking.

The door to the little apartment has a pressure plate linked to two shotgun traps in the doorway. Disarm it and pick up the two shotgun traps. There should also be a mine hidden in here somewhere, although it probably won’t matter if you’re using God. There’s another tripwire on the door, so disarm it. It’s tied to a grenade bouquet outside. If you’ve got the 30 points in explosives, take your free grenades.

Walk outside and loot a bit more. There’s a frag mine in the corner near the side fountain, so take it to avoid any trouble. A ghost might run through the building to attack you. God can probably take them, but you should help. Watch out for the tripwire tied to the grenade bouquet around the corner though.

Move through and onto the balcony. You should basically just be able to use the balconies and side rooms to move past the clouds and make it to a clear section. Afterwards, you can move past some dead fountains and reach a staircase up to an apartment with an electric heating pad. When you go up the steps, you’ll find Dean Domino sitting in a chair.

Dismiss your companion back to the fountain, and then sit down next to Dean to start the conversation.

Finding Dean Domino - Our New “Partner”

Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money Walkthrough - Finding Dean Domino

Note that you do have some opportunities to turn the negotiations around on Dean, but that if you do this, or loot any of his stashes while he’s present, he’ll ultimately hate you by the end of the game. Be very nice and agree to all of his demands if you really want to save everyone.

As he notes, his special ability is protection against the red clouds. This means that you can drop down the hole in his building and walk through the narrow gate across from you and the gas clouds. You can loot the two buildings for supplies if you want, but the main way out is off to the side and through one more gas cloud. The clouds should be spaced just right, so that you won’t take any permanent damage.

Go back to the fountain, and watch out for ghosts along the path back. Use the panel in the fountain to talk to Elijah and learn about the next phase of your plan.


All screenshots and references from “Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money”

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