Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Dead Money - Finding Dog - Collar 8

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Dead Money - Finding Dog - Collar 8
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Find Collar 8 - Dog - The Police Station

As noted, Dog is probably the most useful person to have at the start, and the Police Station is a great place to go at the beginning to arm yourself. For the most part, you can walk as the crow flies. Stop and pick up the chips in the fountains along the way, if you want. Otherwise, just keep moving down the left streets and up the stairs until you find your way to the Police station. I only found one ghost along the way, and just a harvester.

As noted, ghosts have to be killed in a special way. Put them down with the holorifle, then step over them and put a round into their head at close range. You have to destroy their head or a limb to actually kill them. Complete disintegration or gibbing will work too. If you’re a melee user, then keep an eye out. There should be a knife spear stuck into a skeleton on the path to the Police Station. Grab it. The first ghost you kill should also be carrying a melee spear and five throwing spears.

You can activate the hologram on the fountain on the way too. This can help distract wandering ghosts, and this terminal is already hacked. Once you make it to the Police Station, you’ll probably want to save at the door and wait. There are a bunch of radios and speakers around, so be careful and get out your rifle.

Find Collar 8 - Loot

Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money - The Radios Around Dog

Look straight ahead of you and hit the radio by the computer. That’s one. Turn to the left just a little bit and look around the partition. Shoot the radio to take out the second one. The third radio is hidden under a desk on the left side of the holding cell. Walk up to the destroyed radio on the left to get a clear shot.

For now, I suggest that you get a little loot.

First, as noted in the terminals, the vending machines can be unlocked to stock special emergency goods. These will be your merchants in the game, so you’ll want to unlock them quickly. Get the code for Steady off of the table to the right next to the coffee machine.

Note that all of the desks seem to have police pistols with some .357 ammo. This is worth grabbing. There’s a cosmic knife in the kitchen stuck in a cutting board, along with an electric hot pad for some quick cooking.

The bathrooms and lockers to the right side are useful. You should be able to get some bobby pins and first aid, along with a code for .308 ammo from the ground next to the toilet in the back bathroom. The locker room may be the most important, since it has some Sierra Madre armor on the bench and a Sierra Madre helmet in a locker. The locked locker has a detonator and 3 units of C4.

If you have 75 points in Science, you can hack the Chief’s terminal by the locked door on the left side of the holding cell. This will let you unlock the contraband room, and learn a bit more of the history of the Sierra Madre. Inside the contraband room, you can find the code for the .357 ammo, a fully working automatic rifle with a lot of ammo on the bottom shelves, a lot of alcohol and drugs and a few other odds and ends. There’s also a box of frag grenades that’s worth grabbing.

Find Collar 8 - Dog’s Cell Key

Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money Walkthrough - Finding Collar 8 - Dog’s Command Tape

Once you’ve looted the first area, walk past Dog’s cell. You can’t unlock him yet, because you need the key. There’s a speaker around the corner, so try to peak around it and take it out.

The jail cells have more loot and alcohol. There’s also a bed you can sleep on in here, if you want to heal in normal mode, or get a little rest in hardcore. At the end of the hallway, there’s a filing cabinet with a code for weapon repair kits.

You need to go down into the basement of the police station to actually advance the quest though. Walk through the first room quickly. You can apparently destroy the hidden radio with a grenade, but that’s a complete waste. Just walk past it quickly to get out of danger, then move on up to the other storage areas. You should be able to get some more random loot and chips.

As you reach the end, you’ll spot a radio lying on a desk. Shoot it, and then grab the tape labeled “Dog’s command tape” off of the table, as instructed. Take it back up to the holding cell, and go into the data section of your Pip-Boy. Play the recording to wake up God and have a bit of conversation.

Find Collar 8 - Dog or God

Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money Walkthrough - Finding Collar 8 - Dog and God

As a quick note, there are spell checks for Science and Medicine, with 35 points in each, which let you talk more about his split personality. If you have 35 points in Lockpick, you can also earn a little extra experience from getting him to explicitly talk about the key he hid (even he already told you once).

Once you learn more about Dog and God, you can make a decision. You can just play Elijah’s recording and turn him back into Dog. He’ll then listen to you, find the key and use it to escape and join you. You can also convince him that you’re not like Elijah, by pointing out that you have the power to not turn him back, but that you decided against using it.

As explained, Dog is vicious in combat and will eat any ghosts that you knock out. God will give you the appropriate, “In His Footsteps” perk, which gives you a boost to stealth and helps you avoid traps. It’s honestly your call. Note that you can also swap back and forth between the two by playing the appropriate recordings in the data section of your Pip-Boy.

Once Dog/God is with you, you’ll be able to move on the to the next part of the quest with a whole lot of help.


All references and screenshots from “Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money DLC”

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