Fallout new Vegas companion guide Raul Tejada

Fallout new Vegas companion guide Raul Tejada
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What role does Raul have in Fallout new Vegas?

Raul Tejada is a character found in the game Fallout new Vegas. Raul probably is the handiest companion in the game because he can repair items for considerably fewer caps than any other NPC in the game. Raul is a 234 year old semi-ghoul mechanic, I say semi-ghoul because he did not fully “ghoulificate” which meant only his looks changed but he still has his own thoughts. Once Raul has been recruited as a companion he will start off with a special Revolver which you cannot take off him but you can give him other weapons. He is not good with any type of Energy weapon and specialises in any gun that uses conventional ammunition.

Raul Tejada guide


Raul is a tricky companion to get because he is very heavily guarded by Nightkin, Super Mutants and about 2 Deathclaws on the Peak of Black Mountain. It is recommended that you start “Crazy, Crazy, Crazy” before your search for Raul because Neil will help you get past several Elite Nightkin that blocks the path towards Raul.

Once you are all geared up and you have started the quest (you do not have to), you need to find and follow the path at the bottom of Black Mountain that spirals all the way up. Along the way there will be some heavy resistance so you will need some companions with you for this. The top of the Mountain is where resistance may be tougher because it is protected by Elite Nightkin which are invisible and a Nightkin Sniper.

Once you reach the top you need to look for a prison room, once you find the room there will be 2 terminals. One terminal requires 75 Science to hack. The other terminal has no requirement and contains the password to the other terminal (the password is located in one of the 6 diary “entries”). Once you have figured out the password and you return to the locked terminal, you will have an option to unlock the prison door. Doing this unlocks the door to Raul’s cell and allows you to either recruit him or send him back to his house (on the Pip-Boy his house is known as “Raul’s Shack”). If you chose the recruit him on the spot, he will accept the offer and he will be able to offer his services as a repairman for one time only until he goes back to his house.

If you chose to send him to his house, you can recruit him any time you like.

Complete Crazy, Crazy, Crazy


Tabitha is also at the top of the Mountain inside her radio building. Once you enter the first floor of the radio building, there will be a door leading to an outdoor staircase, under that staircase there are keys, those are the keys required to enter Tabitha’s room. You get to kill her when you enter the room.

If you want it to end peacefully, you need to locate the storage room which is just outside of Tabitha’s radio tower and look for a destroyed robot. Once you find the robot you can repair it with 60 science. Doing this will make Tabitha friendly towards you meaning she won’t try killing you. After the robot and her walk off, the quest ends.

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