Fallout new Vegas Arcade Gannon

Fallout new Vegas Arcade Gannon
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What are companions?

In Fallout new Vegas there are 8 companions, 6 humanoid and 2 non humanoid. If or when you have 3 companions, you can only take along 2 with you, 1 humanoid 1 non humanoid. This may seem a tad unfair but if it comes to choosing which you’d take it matters solely on what your characters build is.

Companions are located throughout the Mojave Wasteland in the strangest of places, some require you to do a quest before you get them and others require you to simply find them. Each companion has a special quest that allows them to become stronger once completed which ultimately helping you further throughout the game.

Arcade Gannon guide

Arcade Gannon

Arcade Gannon is a Follower of the Apocalypse, member and doctor and can only be found in Fallout new Vegas. Arcade is rather strange because he does not like to talk about himself a lot and when your about to get some information about his past off him he just shrugs it away with an unrelated question.

Arcade can be located in the Old Mormon Fort inside one of the tents on a chair, or he will be walking around the Mormon Fort. He is not particularly hard to obtain but can be a challenge if you’ve just reached Freeside. You need one of three things to make him follow you.

  1. You need an Intelligence of 2, exactly 2 not higher or lower or else he won’t come with you.
  2. You need a Speech level of 75 which can be hard to obtain
  3. You need to become idolized by the FoA (Followers of the Apocalypse).

That may not seem hard but it is, especially if you’re under level 10 because you will have 1 or 2 skills over 60 by then.

How to get Arcade

You need to speak to Julie for the daily supplies.

Arcade Gannon is a pretty difficult companion to get in Fallout new Vegas but can be made easy if you follow these simple steps;

  1. Get 1 Dixon Whiskey and some Ant Nectar to lower you Intelligence if you have it high already, this works well because Ant Nectar lowers it by 3 and the Whiskey lowers it by 2.
  2. Wear Naughty Nightwear and read a Speech book. This should get your speech up by 20, which should be more than enough.
  3. Save up and buy some Radaways and donate them to the FoA via Julie Farkas. This may take some time but it’s worth it because once you reach a certain reputation with them, Julie can give 1 stimpack, 1 radaway or 1 fixer everyday for free. This helps because you could just collect them and wait a day, collect and wait a day. It may take some time to get enough but it’s better than searching everywhere for it.

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