Fallout: New Vegas quest walkthrough - Hard Luck Blues

Fallout: New Vegas quest walkthrough - Hard Luck Blues
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Get the mission

While exploring Freeside, you may learn of the NCR Sharecropper Farms, located directly south of Freeside’s East Gate. Take a wander out that way and you’ll run into Morgan Blake, one of the farmers. She’ll give you a sob story about how poorly the crops are doing, and even better, she’ll assume that you care. If you’re interested in gaining some XP, well, then, you do care. Something in the water? Okay, we’ll go check it out.

Find the East Station


Head east until you find the East Pump Station and enter through the door of the same name. Check out the computer terminal on the desk near your entry point; you’re going to need a Science skill of at least 50 to get it up and running, so use whatever clothing or Aid items you have if you need to. Once you’ve got this accomplished, leave the building and back outside toward the east until you find the Vault 34 door. Vault 34 has got two things going for it - golden geckos and radiation. Make sure you have adequate responses to both in the form of fire power and radiation cures or resistance, and head on your way.

Once you entered the actual vault at the bottom of the cave tunnel, you find it filled with normal and glowing ghouls, none of which are happy to see you. You’re going to need to be able to get into the Overseer’s room, locked by a terminal in the security room just inside the vault entrance. First, activate the pump by using the terminal in the Utility Room. That will allow you to move into the lower level. Head through the medical clinic, leaving by the back entrance, and step into the Security Room. Using the terminal here will unlock the Overseer’s Office. Once you have eliminated all enemies inside the office, loot the Overseer for his password and check under his desk. Yes, you are going down there.

Finishing up

240px-NCR Sharecropper Farms

Head down toward the reactor, eliminating ghouls as you go, until you find the terminal that opens the reactor door. Another terminal is inside, allowing you to choose how you want to end your mission. You can disable the reactor, which is what the Sharecroppers sent you to do, or you can choose to give the control of the vault to the inhabitants. The choice is yours, and like with all distributions of power, someone has to lose. If you’re lacking in NCR rep, taking the Sharecropper’s side will help out with that. Conversely, there is no faction or karma advantage for helping the dwellers.

If you have unlocked the armory door while in the Overseer’s office, make sure to drop by there on your way out. This room is stocked full of good stuff, including the unique All-American carbine rifle. Boone will thank you for it, if he’s still following you around.

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