Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Ant Misbehavin'

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Ant Misbehavin'
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Ant Misbehavin' - Introduction

Note that you should really do this quest. It has some very nice rewards and it gets sealed off after you complete “Volare!” for the Boomers.

You can pick this quest up by talking to Raquel at the Boomer base. She’s usually on a patrol around the hanger. Just look for the moving marker outside. If you ask about her ant problem, she’ll give you the key to the power station and wish you luck.

As she mentions, you need to be careful. The ants will explode violently, with at least the rough force of a grenade, if shot with a laser or hit with fire. Leave ED-E and Arcade outside for this one, unless you like friendly fire. There’s also a lot of artillery shells around the generators, so be careful with spray and pray tactics. One stray round can set off a very big and devastating explosion. Of course, if you keep your distance, these can be quite useful.

When you’re ready, walk over to their solar plant and go through the marked door to enter the control bunker of the station.

If you have 50 points in Speech or Science, also find Loyal and ask about his sonic disruptor. With either skill check, you can convince him to lend it to you and save yourself a lot of trouble.

Ant Misbehavin' - The Generators

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Unique Grenade Rifle - Thump-Thump - Ant Misbehavin'

Killing the ants is quite simple. Just don’t let them get close and you’ll be fine. Even if they get close, they don’t seem to actually be that dangerous. They can’t breathe fire and any half decent armor will block their attacks. As usual, if there is a group of them you can hit an antennae and frenzy them.

Clear a path past the two dead boomers and over to the left side of the station. Go down the steps to the generator room floor. There are a lot more on the plant floor and they have a nasty habit of coming out behind you. Stay alert and listen for the crawling sound they make.

If you have Loyal’s sonic device, just walk over to the right side of the generator area to find the large ant mound. Deploy it and then hit it again to activate it. This will make all of the ants' heads explode and finish the battle quite quickly. If this isn’t an option, just carefully go through and clear the floor with a rifle. Remember to check the exit tunnel past the little armory area.

You really just need to flip the two lit switchs on the central generators to complete this section.

Ant Misbehavin' - Finishing Touches

For the quest itself, you just need to backtrack up the steps. There is a generator box on the wall. After you reset the main generators you just have to flip this breaker to finish the quest. It’s lit up and about halfway up the main staircase.

Before you leave though, you should loot the Boomer stockpile by the generators. There is plenty of ammunition, including at least one mini nuke and the unique grenade rifle, Thump-Thump. It’s on the skeleton lying next to the generators. It’s pretty easy to spot, if you didn’t trigger a bunch of explosions in the area.

Once you’ve taken all the loot you want, leave the power plant and report your success to Raquel. She’ll thank you and open up the option to donate spare missiles to the Boomers to gain favor.

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