The Top 10 Best Fallout New Vegas Mods

The Top 10 Best Fallout New Vegas Mods
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Fallout New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas is a great game, but it has its flaws. Flaws including invisible walls, difficult to see text, and odd design decisions. Luckily, these flaws and many more can be fixed by using mods. In fact, mods are able to take New Vegas to incredible new levels of fun. But there is one problem with New Vegas mods, namely that there are roughly 10 nude anime mods for every good gameplay or graphics enhancer. With so many trash mods out there, what’s a Fallout fanatic to do?

Well, that is why the top 10 best Fallout New Vegas Mods list is here. We will go through some of the most downloaded and recommended mods for New Vegas, and choose the absolute best for your enjoyment. So sit back, pop a RadAway, download these mods and finally, profit!

10. Fallout New Vegas Mod Manager

We will just get this out of the way…nobody likes installing a mod, finding out that it crashes your system, try to uninstall the mod and, in doing so, completely corrupt your New Vegas data folder. That is why the Fallout New Vegas Mod Manager makes its way to the top 10 best New Vegas mods list. Some notable features of the Mod Manager include:

  • Fail-Safe Mod Installs Don’t worry if a mod install fails; FOMM cleans up after itself, preventing half-installed mods.* **Mod Info Retrieval** When adding new mods, FOMM can retrieve missing information about the mod (such as author and the screenshot) from the web. You are prompted to enable this option, and it can be changed in the settings window.* **Mod Versioning** FOMM is able to upgrade mods without have to re-activate them, and without changing which mods overwrite which.* **Mod Reactivation**

You can change the installation options of mods without have to reinstall them.

Gone are the days of frustrating mod installations, just fire up FOMM, create your mod plug in, install and play!

9. Centered Third-Person Camera

While playing Fallout New Vegas in first-person mode is fun, there is no better way to improve your overall awareness of your desert wasteland environment than by playing in third-person mode. Well, unless you aren’t using Centered Third-Person Camera. This little mod is self-explanatory, and fixes one of the most jarring design decisions by Bethesda and Obsidian. Having the third-person camera off center makes playing New Vegas horrible, so kudos to Centered Third-Person Camera for fixing this flaw.

Much Better

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8. Intrusive Invisible Wall Remover


One of the beautiful elements of the Fallout game world is that there, in theory, should be very few physical boundaries that players cannot overcome with creative thinking. Well, theory is not an accurate reflection of reality in this case, unless you install the Fallout New Vegas Intrusive Invisible Wall Remover. Nothing ruins immersion in the Mojave Wastland more than slamming face first into a piece of perfect glass the size of the Great Wall of China as you are on your way to New Vegas. The Intrusive Invisible Wall Remover demolishes those stupid glass walls, allowing unprecedented freedom for the courier to explore the wasteland as much as he wants. A must have mod for true RPG lovers.

7. More Perks

One of the best gameplay ideas in Fallout New Vegas, perks, have been reverted back to becoming available every other level. While this makes choosing perks more difficult and important, it can also leave players disappointed with the lack of exciting options. That is why More Perks for New Vegas is one of the best New Vegas mods out today.

More Perks adds inventive new perk ideas to the Fallout fold, such as perks that increase the chances of random negative events happening, such as bounty hunters appearing. More Perks also adds in specialist perks for those of us who prefer science or repair and speech playstyles over run and gunners. Either way, More Perks adds an interesting element into the Fallout New Vegas fold, and shouldn’t be skipped.

6. Civil Defense Radio

The elephant in the room of Fallout New Vegas is that wandering the desert wasteland can get very lonely, and very boring if there are no enemies in sight. Luckily, Civil Defense Radio makes wandering into the desert more attractive, as you will no longer want to kill yourself when Jingle-Jangle-Jango comes up for the eight millionth time. CDR adds in an entirely new radio station, over 2 hours of music and custom scripted PSAs and other announcements that fit in perfectly with the New Vegas mood. CDR is a must have for New Vegas fans playing on a first, second, or twentieth playthrough.

Lonely and boring

5. Lethal Headshots

Its basic FPS, not to mention real life, science…if you shoot someone in the head, they die. While Fallout New Vegas is technically an


RPG, it does not make sense than Johnny Nobody in New Vegas has a head made of Kevlar. That is why Lethal Headshots is one of the best mods for New Vegas; it actually makes combat more deadly without screwing up the balance of New Vegas. In fact, it is just as hard to hit people in the head, as Lethal Headshots makes the chances of a bullet screwing up a bandit’s grey matter much lower in VATS. Also, enemies that have protective headgear on will take more damage now, helping to make Lethal Headshots one of the best gun mods in Fallout New Vegas.

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4. Food and Drink Health Remover

“Oh god, my leg…I think its broken….oh wait, I have a Snickers bar!….Ah back to normal, thanks Mars Inc.!” The previous statement does not really make sense, aside from featuring my favorite candy bar. Food and drink doesn’t heal you in real life, so why should in the Fallout New Vegas universe. For Hardcore mode players in New Vegas, there is nothing less hardcore than opening up your inventory and downing a couple of cans of Pork and Beans, and magically being at full health again. Thankfully, the Food and Drink Health Remover for Fallout New Vegas is the best mod for making Hardcore mode actually hardcore hard.

The Food and Drink Health Remover mod is relatively self-explanatory, but the effect it has on gameplay is immense. If you play New Vegas on Hardcore mode, you owe it to yourself to try this mod.

3. Companion Sandbox Mode


One of the more interesting gameplay mechanics in Fallout New Vegas is the interaction with companions like Boone. However, outside of a paltry few side conversations and a whole heaping of killing, companions basically act like your slave. Companion Sandbox mode fixes this problem, giving Boone, Ed-E and others a life of their own. At the very least, they relax when you are shopping, smke cigarettes, sit down and talk, and at most they take on their own ambitions, leaving your group for short periods of time. In terms of adding a feeling of life to New Vegas, Companion Sandbox Mode is one of the best mods for Fallout New Vegas.

2. Fellout New Vegas


One of the most popular mods for Fallout 3, Fellout returns to New Vegas. Fellout is an interesting little mod, in that it fixes somethings that most people do not notice on a regular basis. Fellout fixes the odd orange tint that exists throughout New Vegas. In fact, Fellout also adds better textures to much of the game world, adds in completely new desert sky textures and makes nights really, really dark. Fellout really makes New Vegas come alive, which is why it is the second best mod for Fallout New Vegas available right now.


And the best mod for Fallout New Vegas is…..FOOK! What’s FOOK you ask? Well it is the premier Fallout Overhaul mod, and changes


almost everything in the game. The most notable addition that FOOK makes is the massive item and weapon overhaul. It is a shock to the system to play New Vegas for over an hour and not see a single familiar item drop outside of the tutorial. Aside from weapons in New Vegas, FOOK also adds in some new Perks, NPCs, quests, and area to explore, not to mention a large number of truly essential bug fixes. All in all, FOOK is a fantastic mod for Fallout New Vegas, and its scope and ambition put it squarely on top of this list as the best Fallout New Vegas mod available today.

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