Fallout: New Vegas Side Quests - Classic Inspiration

Fallout: New Vegas Side Quests - Classic Inspiration
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Classic Inspiration - Introduction

Michael Angelo has a workshop set up near the NCR embassy on the strip. It’s quite well lit up, so you really can’t miss it.

Go inside and find Michael Angelo. He’s usually in the back of his workshop. If you can’t find him, look for a door to a back bedroom. He’s probably in there.

If you talk to Michael, you’ll have a few options. If you want, you can just blackmail him. You can use Speech checks to convince him that you’ll report his failures to Mr. House. You’ll need 55 points in Speech to bring it home and get 300 caps. You should also be able to pickpocket 330 caps off of him. That said, this course will make him quite angry at you and it will cut off of the quest. You can get much more money by being cooperative.

If you talk to him about his lack of inspiration, you can try the Medical check to diagnose his agoraphobia. Note that you don’t have to pass the test, it just makes you look smarter and nets a little extra experience. He’s aware of his condition and will explain it to you if you fail the check and you’ll be able to proceed normally.

Talk to him and offer to escort him out into the wasteland. He’ll then get the inspiration for a different idea, and hand over his camera and a roll of film. He wants five pictures taken to restore his inspiration.

Classic Inspiration - Taking the Pictures

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Classic Inspiration - Taking the Pictures

You can take the pictures by just travelling to the different locations. Fast travel makes this all quite easy, especially since you probably already went to most of the spots on your way to New Vegas. Note that it doesn’t have to be a perfect picture, but you should get the subject in focus and get it from the correct angle.

You can start out in Primm. Fast travel into the town and look at the abandoned hotel where you killed all the powder gangers in “My Kind of Town.” Take a quick picture of the buffalo. Your quest will update if it’s a good one.

Move on next to Novac. Fast travel to the town and follow the road toward Nelson until you’re far enough away from the dinosaur to take a picture of the dinosaur and its thermometer. Your quest will update if you took it correctly.

Helios One is just a sort walk away, so walk over to the front entrance and take a quick picture of the small neon sign over the doors. This is probably one of the easier ones.

The Camp McCarran sign is also pretty easy, if you’ve been there before. Just fast travel to the area outside the gate. You don’t have to go inside, so anyone can take the picture easily. Just snap a quick shot of the sign above the entrance and move on.

The only potentially tricky one is the picture of the Sunset Sarsparilla Bottle. If you’ve been there before, just fast travel to the location. If not, you’ll need to walk over to it. Watch out for Fiends along the way. The bottle itself is huge, so you should be able to spot and photograph it easily.

Classic Inspiration - Wrapup

Once you’ve got all five shots, go back to Michael Angelo’s studio and track him down in the back. Talk to him and drop off your photos to get a leveled reward. It’s going to be pretty big, unless you did this fairly early in the game. You can expect at least 100 caps a photo and a nice bonus of at least 500.

You also get to keep the camera, even though it serves no purpose.

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