Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Wheel of Fortune

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Wheel of Fortune
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Wheel of Fortune - Camp Searchlight

You can find these mercenary scavengers inside the irradiated ruins of Camp Searchlight. Make sure that you bring a fair amount of radaway and rad-x. There’s some pretty nasty background radiation in the town and a few hotspots that you’ll have to move through while you’re scavenging. You will get a radiation suit and some supplies along the way though, so don’t be too paranoid.

Do note that you’ll need to have 50 points in Science just to start the quest, so don’t bother going into town until you have enough. You’ll just irradiate yourself for no reason. Note that this is also incredibly buggy. I’ll get into that in a minute though. If you talked to Boxcars in Nipton though, you may have bugged the quest and made it officially uncompleteable (not that it really matters)

You can find Logan and his two assistants inside the bombed out church that’s closest to Sgt. Astor’s camp. It will show up on your map as NCR storage and has a small sign above a hatch saying the same thing. The actual church is worth going to, especially if you have Wild Wasteland and are a Monty Python fan, but it’s not related.

Go down into the NCR storage area and talk to Logan. Once you talk to him for a bit, he should explain that he needs someone to hack the computer in the storage facility so that they can get some radiation suits. There’s no trick or other options, so just hack the computer in back and access the file on the lost shipment by Nipton. Also go ahead and open the safe next to the desk and grab some of the radiation medicine lying on the shelves. You probably need it.

Wheel of Fortune - Nipton

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Wheel of Fortune - The Radiation Suits in the Hidden Supply Cache

Here’s where things start to get a little buggy.

The actual process is pretty simple. The only living person who’s still cooperative should be Boxcars in the general store. If you talk to him, you can ask him if he knew anything about the missing shipments. He’ll mark the location of a secret supply cache on your map. You can then walk as the crow flies up through the hills behind Nipton to find the hidden NCR cache. Go inside and there should be a radiation suit lying on a footlocker. Take this one for yourself, and grab the special package of radiation suits from the crate. There may also be medicine in the cave, so check the other boxes.

That’s if things go right. Apparently Boxcars doesn’t trigger well if you’ve already talked to him. Talking to Boxcars is what spawns the package you need to get in the cache. Otherwise there will just be the radiation suit. There’s not really a good way around this. Your best option is to just kill Logan and loot the keys off of his body. It will let you get most of the rewards and really won’t change the outcome that much. You can also use console codes to try and advance the quest, but obviously that’s just an option for PC players. .

If you manage to get the radiation suits, go back to Logan and give him the package. His little team will dawn the radiation suits and then get ready to start scavenging. I recommend that you either put on a radiation suit or take two rad-x treatments. The radiation will really add up quick.

Wheel of Fortune - Looting the Police Station

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Wheel of Fortune - Looting the Police Station

Logan and his two unnamed mercenaries will follow you across town. If you haven’t really cleared it out yet, then keep an eye out for ghouls and radscorpions. If Logan dies, then the quest itself ends. Although as I mentioned, you can still do most of it yourself. Don’t worry about the nameless mercenaries. It doesn’t matter if they die, in fact, it is a bit beneficial. Just don’t kill them yourself.

Walk across town and go around a few buildings to reach the front of the police station. There may be some feral ghouls inside, so have a weapon out when you go inside. Logan’s men actually aren’t too bad, so the ghouls aren’t much of a threat. Just use VATS to help out, and avoid friendly fire, and it will be over quickly.

The real challenge is the little scavenger hunt that you have to do. You need to find a lot of NCR parts before you can move on from this radiationed filled dump.

Start by going to the jail cells on the right side of the station. There’s a special 9mm pistol on the ground by a bed in the cell. Grab it. Walk out in the office area and start looking around. You need to find computer and radio parts in the desks in this room. Just look for desks that aren’t empty and you should find what you need. You need two of each.

There should also be a 10mm pistol on one of the desks, so keep an eye out for it.

Move into the storage area/armory. If the door was closed, there may still be a ghoul inside, so be careful. Grab the grenade rifle on the boxes and then look at the shelves. There should be three grenades lying on the shelf. It’s possible for them to fall off though, so look on the ground and in the areas between the shelves.

Once you get the grenades, you should be done with your looting. Turn in the salvage to Logan to advance the quest.

Wheel of Fortune - Looting the Fire Station

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Wheel of Fortune - The Radscorpion Queen

Leave the police station and cross over to the fire station. I suggest that you get ready for a very tough fight. When you go inside, you’ll find a giant queen radscorpion. This isn’t necessarily that difficult, but you need to bring her down quickly to save Logan and stay alive yourself. Use a good weapon with either armor piercing rounds or slugs, and consider using some chems to make it a bit easier. With Logan’s help and a companion, it should end quickly.

The Legion soldier that set off the radiation attack is dead on the floor by the queen. Loot him if you want. I also suggest that you grab a few fire axes off of the rack along with a fire helmet, if you want one. There’s nothing much on the first floor, so go up to the second floor. The main thing to do first, is to check the bathrooms.

In the bathroom, open the stall with the skeleton in it and look behind the burned remains. There’s a unique fireaxe, called “Knock-Knock”, behind it. You may have to move the skeleton to find it. When I repaired this with the fire axes from below and a few weapon repair kits, it was almost as good as “Oh, Baby” and a fair bit faster. A great weapon and your true reward for the quest.

I also suggest that you grab some medicine from the first aid kit while you’re here, then go to the chief’s office. You can hack the terminal to find out more history of Camp Searchlight, but you only need the gun and two grenades on the shelves. Take them and go over to the barracks.

There are four sets of computer parts inside duffle bags by the beds and two sets of radio parts on a table.

The last thing is inside the kitchen. Most of the food in here is irradiated, so just look for the pistol on the shelf and call it a day. Go back to Logan and report your success.

Unfortunately, Logan doesn’t like to share. He’s going to cut you out of the deal. You know what to do. Logan and his remaining mercenaries should actually be pretty hurt, poorly armored and poorly armed. Just shoot him a few times to bring him down. Once he’s dead and the quest officially finishes, you should be able to loot the non-quest item versions of all the salvage. The grenade rifle is probably the most valuable, so it’s a decent reward. Don’t take the computer or radio parts though, since they seem to still be marked as quest items.

You’re officially done though. Just take your new fire axe and loot and get out of the town. I suggest a quick trip to Novac for radiation treatment.

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For an irradiated ruin, Camp Searchlight has a large number of quests associated with it. There’s an option to collect irradiated dog tags from NCR trooper ghouls, help some scavengers with their mission in the town and carry out a raid on Cottonwood Cove for the NCR.

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