Fallout: New Vegas Unmarked Quests - Barton Thorn's "Girl"

Fallout: New Vegas Unmarked Quests - Barton Thorn's "Girl"
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Barton Thorn’s Girlfriend - Introduction

You can get this quest by finding Barton Thorn at the Goodsprings Water Source. It’s just outside of town and should actually be a separate map marker. If you get on the ridge above it, you’ll have a good vantage point for looking for Barton. You can also just look around the road for a camp. He usually walks around in a small area by the main water source, and he should run up to you if you get close enough.

Well, just like he says, you can start the search by walking up the path on the left side of the broken radio tower behind you. There are young gecko hunters and a few normal geckos along the path. I actually missed this on the first pass through, so I was doing this at level 18 with Oh, Baby. I really can’t gauge the difficulty too well. If you have a shotgun or a pistol, you’ll be fine. Slow firing rifles might not work well, just because they come in groups of several weak geckos. You’ll want a way to take out the group quickly, not snipe them from afar.

Other than that, just walk up the path. There should just be a few at a time as you approach the first section of the ridge with a lookout point. Keep walking and run into the group of geckos guarding a nest at the back of the slope. Once they’re dead, walk all the way up to the pile of skeletons and the partially eaten body. This is apparently their stash, but no women are here, alive or dead. Watch out for the bear traps that are set around the refrigerator and then get your loot from it and the ammo box. You can also loot the body here (I believe it counts as a Wild Wasteland trigger too, so the body will be different depending on your choice).

Barton Thorn’s Girl - Quick Loot and Notes

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Killing Barton Fink in Goodsprings

Wait a moment and then turn around. If the quest worked correctly, Barton should come running up the slope toward you. Draw your weapon and just wait. He’ll reveal his very pathetic plot and then draw a pistol.

It’s actually pretty easy to kill him. He’s not wearing any armor to speak of, so just bring him down. Seach his body to at least get a gun and some random loot out of it.

Note that if you’re having trouble actually wrapping this up, you can try sleeping on the bed or just waiting for a bit. The has a good chance of triggering his script correctly. If not, you can try going back down to him. If you want, you can also just kill him with no penalties now that youv’e figured out what he was up to. It’s your choice and it’s just an unmarked quest.

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