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Non-Humanoid companions

In Fallout new Vegas there are two types of companions, humanoid and non-humanoid, this guide will be focusing on the non-humanoid companions. Unlike humanoid companions there are only two non-humanoid making it harder to locate them but worth the search. When you locate and recruit companions you can only have 1 humanoid and 1 non-humanoid following you at all times so you have to decide depending on your character build, where your going and what your going to attack and kill, but remember, in hardcore mode when companions die they will never re-spawn so make sure you save before going into heavy combat zones.

Rex (Mk. III Cyberhound, LEO Support Model, Serial no. B955883)

Rex is a 209 year old cyber dog with a history of being with the Legion (This does not change anything with Boone) and a police dog for a Denver K9 unit in 2072. Rex is located in Freeside inside The Kings headquarters with their leader “The King”.

If you want Rex to be your companion you need to ask The King if something is wrong with Rex, he will tell you that there is and that you should speak to Julie Farkas (in Old Mormon Fort) about Rex. You then return to The King and tell him that Rex can be cured, he will then give him to you and it will start the quest “Nothin' but a Hound Dog”. You don’t need to complete this quest but if you want Rex to be stronger follow these steps to complete it;

  1. Go to Julie Farkas, she will tell you to go to Jacobstown and talk to Dr. Henry.
  2. Dr. Henry will tell you to get a new brain for Rex; you have 3 choices with this.
  3. The first is Rey’s brain, which can be found in Old Gibson’s Scrap Yard and it gives Rex more attack damage.
  4. The second is Violetta’s brain, which can be found with Violet in the Fiends Territory and it increases Rex’s movement speed.
  5. The third is Lupa’s brain, which can be found in The Fort (you need neutral or higher reputation to acquire) and it increases Rex’s attack speed.
  6. Once you chosen the brain that’s right for you, return to Dr. Henry and give him Rex and a brain and then Dr. Henry will go through with the transplant and the quest will be completed, you will get Rex back and depending on the brain you chose he will have a unique bonus.

Ed-E AKA Eyebot (Duraframe) – Subject E.

Ed-E is a robot

Ed-E is an Enclave eyebot build by Whitley at Adams Air Force Base. The Eyebot was programmed to travel to 2 cities to get upgrades and collect data, it arrived in Chicago as planned but on its way to Navarro it was shot 2 times by a mysterious sniper and deactivated shortly after inside Primm. Many people tried to repair Ed-E but failed to do so which is why the escaped convicts took over Primm so easily.

To obtain Ed-E as a companion you have to travel to Primm and go into The Mojave Express, he will be lying on a table next to 2 pieces of scrap metal (karma loss if you steal them). You need to repair Ed-E if you want him as a companion and the requirements are one of three things.

  1. The first method of repairing Ed-E is to have a repair skill of 65.
  2. The second method of repairing him is to have 35 repair and 65 science, if you do not have the skills for method 1 or 2, then method 3 is the only other way you can get Ed-E to follow you.
  3. The third and final method is to have 3 pieces of scrap metal (there are 2 next to Ed-E, stealing them when no one is around is an option but again, there is a karma loss) 2 sensor modules (2 of which can be found at Nipton if you scavenge the houses enough or you go to Goodsprings and scavenge there) and a piece of scrap electronics (10 can be found in Novac, about 3 in Goodsprings and around 5 can be found at Helios One next to all the solar panels).

Ed-E My Love

There is a way to upgrade Ed-E but it is an option, the way to do this is to complete the quest “Ed-E my love”.

  1. To start the quest you need to question the people around Helios One about the power plant, this will trigger the first message from Ed-E, after hearing the first message you need to wait at least 9 in-game days.
  2. You then need to talk to Ignacio Rivas at HELIOS One, Michael Angelo, Thomas Hildern, Doctor Henry, Cassandra Mooreor Quartermaster Mayes at Camp Forlorn Hope to activate the second message, after that, wait 2 in-game days.
  3. You then talk to Ed-E and he will tell you Knight Lorenzo’s message, once that message is over another message will cut in from the Followers of the Apocalypse giving an offer similar to Knight Lorenzo so you will have to chose which faction will upgrade Ed-E.

If you take Ed-E to the Brotherhood of Steel they will upgrade his weapons and damage but if you were to take him to the Followers of the Apocalypse they will upgrade his amour and damage threshold, once you have made the choice, there is no going back to change it. Once you have selected the upgrade of choice you will need to wait around 4 in-game days, once you do that a message will appear saying “Ed-E has returned to Primm” you must go there if you want him to follow you again.

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