Fallout New Vegas Companion Guide

Fallout New Vegas Companion Guide
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Introduction to companions

In Fallout new Vegas there are two types of companions, temporary and permanent; I will be focusing on 2 permanent companions throughout this guide. The difference between the permanent companions and temporary is that temporary companions are more common and can die even without hardcore mode on, there are a total of 15 temporary companions throughout Fallout new Vegas.

This guide will help you find and obtain 2 of the 8 companions throughout the game. But before you begin you need to at least be level 10 and have completed Ringa-Ding-Ding, this is not a required but it makes thing much easier. Finding and obtaining 1 companion gets the Ol’ Buddy Ol’ Pal achievement and getting all 8 companions you will receive The Gang’s All Here achievement.

Craig Boone

Craig Boone is an ex-NCR sharpshooter for the 1st Recon Sniper Battalion, who Boone says, are the best there is. After Boones service with the NCR his wife was sold as a slave to Caesars Legion, a faction he has a very deep seated hatred for, but instead of her being sold, he killed her while the traders were making the offers so that she wouldn’t have to live the rest of her life as a Legion slave which is apparently worse than being shot.

Boone is located in Novac either inside his hotel room (during the day) or inside the giant dinosaur (during the night), Boone will not become your companion immediately, you need to do the quest “One for my Baby” which involves you speaking to him about why he trusts strangers, he will then explain that someone in Novac was trying to sell his wife to the Legion as a slave. One way is to follow what the quest log says which will take nearly 40 minutes and can get very confusing when you need to track down the citizens of Novac which could slide the 40 minutes to and hour.

  1. The quicker was to do this is to go straight to the Dino-Dee-Lite Front Desk and go inside.
  2. Find the floor safe behind the desk and with a lock pick of 25 (or with the Jeannie May Crawford’s safe key) you open the safe and take the Bill of Sale.
  3. You then find Jeannie Crawford and tell her to see something in front of the dinosaur, she will then follow you (remember, you need to wear Boone’s Beret) until your in front of the giant dinosaur and then Boone will shoot her head into a million pieces.
  4. Return to Boone and tell him that you found the Bill of Sale.
  5. Then there will be an option to ask Boone what he was doing next, you have the choice to ask him to come along, after that, he becomes your permanent companion (unless it’s hardcore, he will be able to die and never respawn).

Veronica Renata Santangelo


Veronica is a female Brotherhood of Steel scribe who is out of the bunker to help search for resources that cannot be produced inside the bunkers, she is disappointed with the Brotherhood because they do not wish to explore beyond the walls of their bunkers and their mad obsession with advanced technology and that they believe in the old ways in which there can be no same-sex relationships, no one is allowed in or out and the fact that their numbers are dwindling and they do nothing about it.

Veronica is located at 188 Trading Post standing next to the left bridge, behind a bench. She is an easy companion to obtain because the only way she won’t become your companion is if you are vilified by the Brotherhood of Steel. To make her become your companion all you have to do is talk to her and drain all the speech topics until you find the one that asks her to travel with you, once you find that she will tell you her skills (she is an excellent melee companion, though she’ll settle for a 10mm pistol when told). Veronica is also very useful because you can craft with her while on the go.

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