Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - How Little We Know

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - How Little We Know
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How Little We Know - Introduction

Note that there’s a good and evil path for the quest, and you’ll make your choice at the start of the quest.

This is technically a part of the main quest. You’ll be asked to investigate the Omertas and Gomorrah by Yes Man and the NCR. Supporters of Caesar’s Legion need to help advance the plot, because it’s actually Caesar’s plan. While there won’t be a quest for it, you will really anger him if you foil the plan.

You can get the actual quest during the main quest, or even get it from Joana after “Bye Bye Love.” Note that you’ll also find out why the Omertas aren’t buying guns from Mick’s store in Freeside as a part of this quest.

How Little We Know - Cachino’s Evidence

You can get the information by talking to to the receptionist and mentioning the “balance owed.” She should tell you to look for Cachino if you want a way into the Omerta plot. You can also trigger this part of the quest by talking to bouncers and hookers in the courtyard. A few of the named ones should talk about Cachino if you have the quest already. If the receptionist’s conversation is bugged, then just keep asking around for Cachino until he comes to you.

You should be able to find him in Brimstone, the club area with the bar and dancers. The secret is that Cachino is doing some business for himself off the books. He’ll be killed if they find out about this, so you can get a whole lot of influence really quickly. If you can pick pockets well, you can just take the ledger from Cachino. He carries a copy around with him and it’s actually pretty easy to steal. If you can’t do this, then you’ll need to break into his suite in the courtyard.

You should be able to get the key from the receptionist. Just pay the caps, or use a Strength or Barter check to make things a bit easier. You can also just pick the lock or steal the key from Cachino. The ledger is in the table by the bed.

How Little We Know - Your Course of Action

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - How Little We Know - Cachino

Regardless of how you get the evidence, you’ll need to decide on a course of action. You have to talk to Cachino first to learn your choices. He won’t be able to attack you on the strip, so it doesn’t matter that he knows you have the book.

If you want to foil the plot, you need to take it to Cachino. Cachino will pay you to get the ledger back and agree to help you stop Big Sal’s plan. This is the “good” option, despite Cachino being pretty awful himself. I’ll cover this course of action on the second and third pages.

If you want to aid Big Sal and help the Omertas seize the strip, you will need to take it to the bodyguard by the door in Brimstone. If you give him the ledger, he’ll let you up into the office area to see Big Sal and reveal Cachino’s lies. For this course of action, turn to page 4.

Note that you are locked into your choice once you make it, and that working on Big Sal’s plot will ultimately earn you infamy on the New Vegas strip.

How Little We Know - Stopping Clanden

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - How Little We Know - Clanden’s Safe

Cachino will note that two big shot mercenaries are hanging out at Gomorrah and seem to be a big part of the plan. You need to find out what Troike and Clanden are doing there and at least take out one of them to kneecap the plan.

Clanden should probably be the first target, if you really want to complete the whole thing. The interesting note is that he appears to be completely clean cut. His room is boring and fairly empty (except for some odd blood pools and destroyed furniture) and he won’t reveal anything about his work or his plans.

If you want, you can just go back to Cachino and report your failure to find out any dirt on Clanden. He’ll be okay with it and just tell you to go kill Clanden in his suite. You should be able to just confront and kill him while he’s alone upstairs. If you close the door, then the guards outside shouldn’t become hostile. Save just in case. You should be able to buy a silenced pistol to do the job from Mister Holdout outside Gomorrah.

The more interesting way to do this is to really look around the big suite. In the back corner of his bedroom you can look behind a cabinet and find a partially hidden safe. You need 75 points in Lockpick to open it. You should be able to also just pickpocket the key off of Clanden. Inside is a snuff tape, which is pretty good blackmail material against Clanden. Alternatively, there’s a locked room on this floor that’s a short walk from Clanden’s suite. It’s the small closet with a Very Hard lock. If you get the key from him, you can open the door to find a murdered hooker and a whole lot of torture devices and recording devices. With 35 points in Medicine, you should be able to confirm the obvious findings and confront Clanden.

You can take this evidence down to Cachino, although he’ll just have you use it to confront Clanden. Talk to Clanden, and if he doesn’t attack you, he should be willing to either just leave or even help you bring down the plan. Those leaning toward chaotic good can also just gun him down for good karma.

That’s one part done.

How Little We Know - Stopping Troike

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Helping Troike

Troike is the more crucial part of the plan and I believe the only part that you absolutely have to handle. Talk to Troike to ask about the plans. He’s usually downstairs, although he does wander a bit. He’ll explain begrudgingly that he’s just helping Big Sal and Nero because they’re blackmailing him. If you can’t tell, they drugged him and put a dead hooker in his room to manufacture that evidence.

If you have Medicine above 30, you should be able to point this out and agree to investigate. There’s a safe in Big Sal’s office that has notes detailing the blackmail plan against Troike. Stealing these will convince him to help you. You can also just talk to Big Sal or Nero and convince them to back off of Troike, either with a Speech check or a Barter check. 80 points in Speech should let you bluff Troike into thinking that you’ll report him to the NCR if he doesn’t help you.

How Little We Know - Up in a Flash

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - How Little We Know - Using the Thermite on the Armory

Regardless of how you help him, he should talk about the massive weapons cache in the sealed basement. He has a plan to use thermite to melt all the weapons. You can make him do it or do it yourself. There is really no reason to have Troike do it. He’ll fail and get caught. It doesn’t really hurt you or change the quest, but there’s no benefit. If you do it yourself, you’ll have the option to loot some nice weapons, and more importantly, have some weapons on hand that are much better than any holdout guns you could sneak past security.

Go into the basement area and past the guard to find the armory. Use the key to open it and go inside to find all the weapon crates lying around. Use the context key to plant thermite on all four sections of the cache. Make sure you look around and grab a few guns for yourself. There should at least be a few assault carbines along with a few other guns and flamethrowers. It’ll be nice to have some real firepower for the next section of the quest, so take what you want.

Use the marked panel to set off one heck of a show and then go back to Cachino to report your success.

How Little We Know - Killing Big Sal and Nero

It seems that Big Sal figured out what was going on. Cachino was put in charge of the investigation, but he can’t really protect you. We’re down to the wire on this one. You and Cachino are going to have to take out Big Sal and Nero when you report to their office.

If you can, hold off until you get your speech above 80. Remember that you can always get a few drinks to boost your Charisma a bit.

You will probably want to have Cachino hold off and wait for your signal. Hopefully you got a few real weapons from the cache. If not, you’ll be stuck with either your holdout weapons or the sawed-off shotgun that Cachino will give you before you step inside. If you have to use the sawed-off, remember to bring slugs for it. This should make sure that it’s actually useful against Big Sal and Nero.

Note that if you’re really having trouble with this, try using Veronica. Her power fist is considered a holdout weapon, so she can sneak it in for the figh

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - How Little We Know - Killing Big Sal and Nero

t and probably take out Big Sal and Nero in a few hits. The same should also be true for Rex, naturally. Your other companions will probably be of limited use though.

Once the conversation starts, just listen for a bit. This is your one chance to learn the real plot, so just let him keep talking if you’re curious. It seems like you ruined a massive war plan and wrecked Caesar’s plans too…so this isn’t going to end. You can attack at any point, but there is a unique option. If you have more than 80 points in Speech, you can convince Big Sal that Nero is the real traitor and that you were just his agent. Just use the option saying that “Nero didn’t tell me that part of the plan.”

If you used the speech check, Big Sal will first attack Nero and kill him for you (although it’s AI combat so the outcome is anyone’s guess, apparently they can even manage to one-shot kill each other, although that’s unlikely). Cachino is pretty fragile, so try to get into VATS quickly. You probably want to keep him alive to make sure that the quest finishes properly.

The sawed-off shotgun isn’t bad at this range, but it doesn’t pack much of a punch if you don’t have slugs for it. Use the heaviest weapon that you have and blow Big Sal away before he kills you or Cachino.

Talk to Cachino to receive the paltry sum of 50 Gomorrah chips for leading a coup and appointing him as the new leader of Gomorrah. He is loyal to you though, so that’s something. Report your success back to whoever you were working for to officially wrap up the quest.

How Little We Know - Helping Big Sal and Nero

If you hand Cachino’s journal over to either Big Sal or Nero, you should be able to follow them into their office and enjoy the fairly brutal execution of Cachino. Once he’s dead, you can talk to Big Sal to learn about Cachino’s role in the big plot. He’ll offer to pick you up for a little mercenary work. Cachino was supposed to keep Troike and Clanden well supplied, but there’s obviously a bit of a problem with that plan.

Once you agree to help, he’ll point you toward Clanden and Troike and tell you to make sure that they get whatever they need.

How Little We Know - Helping Troike

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - How Little We Know - Troike’s Disassembled Weapons Shipment

Troike is pretty easy to help. You can find him by going to the lower level via the elevators and looking for the large den area with all the beds. Talk to Troike and he’ll mention the missing shipment of weapon parts that he desperately needs. You may have actually already found this one, if you went Fiend hunting earlier. Agree to find the missing weapons and kill the fiends, then head out with a few good weapons.

This is actually really easy. Just go out to the marked location. It’s just a little bit to the west of the Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters and it is outside. Go up and kill the three fiends sitting around the fire. In my case, they all gave up and tried to hide after I shot one of them, so it’s not exactly a heated battle. Grab the weapons shipment off of the ground and take it back to Troike to complete this section of the mission.

How Little We Know - Helping Clanden

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - How Little We Know - Clanden’s Chlorine Container

Claden is in the large unlocked suite. Talk to him to learn about his need for bomb making supplies. The Science check just gives you a little experience boost, so don’t worry about it. He’ll mention his idea for a chlorine bomb regardless and direct you toward the pool at the Ultra-Luxe.

If you just want to steal the chlorine, it’s really easy. Go inside and walk past the reception desk with Mortimer. Go through the small door leading to the hallway on the right, and there should be a closet in front of you with an easy lock. Just pick the lock when no one is looking and grab the container of chlorine off of the shelf.

You should also be able to just buy some from Ralph in Freeside, but there literally no reason for you to not just take it out of the closet. You’re planning to use chlorine gas against massed civilians. If stealing bothers you, something is really wrong.

Take it back to Clanden to finish this part of the mission.

How Little We Know - Big Sal and Nero

Report back to either Big Sal or Nero and confirm your success. They’ll just thank you for the help and pay you 400 caps as a reward. If you mention that you want to play some games, they’ll give you 50 chips too. Take your very small payment and leave. The quest is over.

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