Fallout: New Vegas Guide - You Can Depend on Me

Fallout: New Vegas Guide - You Can Depend on Me
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You Can Depend on Me - Humble Beginnings

The Crimson Caravan Company is quite powerful, but they’ve had some problems recently and could use some help from a mercenary. This is right up our alley. Note that if you are having trouble finding the Crimson Caravan Company, you can talk to Cass at the Mojave Outpost. She’ll mark them on your map and will actually start this quest, if you ask about caravan work in the area.

The Crimson Caravan Company’s compound is just outside of New Vegas. Go inside and talk to Alice McLafferty. You can agree to help out at the branch. Your first mission is a simple delivery, at least if you are still friends with the NCR. Travel to Camp McCarran and go into the research lab on the bottom floor and talk to Dr. Hildern. For once, a bill delivery is simple. After you hand it over, you’re actually done. Report the delivery back to Alice McLafferty to get access to the good quests.

You Can Depend on Me - Buying out Cassidy Caravans

You probably already talked to Cass, and if you were paying attention on the road, her caravan was completely destroyed. If you talk to her, she’s pretty much ready to sell, except she needs a little bit of a push to give up the rights to the name and overall company.

You can do this with 50 points in Speech or Barter. More advanced options (without any extra reward) are also available at 75. Just use one of these to convince Cass to sign the contract. Note that this also opens her up as a companion. Recruit her if you want.

Go back to Alice and hand over the signed contract to get a lot of caps for a pretty simple speech.

You Can Depend on Me - Intimidating Henry Jamison

You need to get Henry to quit the Crimson Caravan Company so that he’ll stop embarrassing the company and holding back the branch.

You can find Jamison in the Atomic Wrangler in Freeside. He’s usually just playing a slot machine by the bar. Walk up to him and ask about his work with the Crimson Caravan Company. Note that he’s actually fairly cooperative, and will agree to quit, but he demands that the Company pay off his debt to the Omertas. If you take this deal, you’ll only get 300 caps, since the 200 cap debt comes out of your payment.

If you have 50 points in Speech, you can threaten to tell the Omertas where he’s hiding. That will convince him to resign without any extra payment.

If you’re well liked by the NCR, you can use your reputation to intimidate him into just quitting.

If you’re a stealth master with a very good silenced weapon, it’s also possible to snipe him…apparently. I’ve never been good with stealth kills and I don’t think there’s much of a benefit to it.

You Can Depend on Me - The Gun Runners

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Stealing the Blueprints from the Gun Runners

Note that if you don’t want to do a stealth mission or massacre the Gun Runners, you can just say no. Unlike just about every other quest in the game, you can just tell her that you’re out of your league for this mission. She’ll hire another mercenary for the mission and you’ll just miss out on the money and a discount. The mission will end and you’ll be able to move on to “Pressing Matters.”

If you want to steal the blueprints, you’ll need a stealth boy and 50 points in Lockpick. If you take off your armor, you should be able to get by with just a stealth boy. I did this with about 25 points in stealth.

It’s actually a surprisingly straightforward mission. The Gun Runners Headquarters is actually a small ruined building. If you go through the main door, there’s a workshop in the back where the gunsmiths work all day. The barracks and lockers are to the left. If you go in at night, there should just be one guard inside by the locker and two guards patrolling the perimeter. They tend to hang out by the main gate, but it is possible for them to wander off briefly.

Take off your armor and use a stealth boy, then pick the lock at the gate. Walk right past the guards and go inside. Don’t bother looking around too much. There isn’t much useful loot around, and if you get spotted inside they will turn hostile and attack you. Just run right back to the room with all the workbenches and look at the computer to the right. You should be able to download the blueprints off of it. Walk right out and hand the blueprints over to Alice McLafferty. She should give you a well earned 500 caps and a future discount for their expanded merchandise.

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