Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Helios One

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Helios One
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That Lucky Old Sun - Entering Helios One


his quest is a fairly good quest to do early on, although you will need to be ready for a lot of heat from the NCR if you want to take out their guards around the plant. Make sure that you’re done with NCR quests if you plan to do this one for the evil/independent power option.

You can start this quest by talking to Lt. Haggerty. She’s guarding the entrance to Helios One at the little sandbag blockade in front. Talk to her and ask about the plant. The area is restricted, but it isn’t too hard to get inside.

If you have a half decent reputation with the NCR, you can just use that to pull rank and be let inside to help. If you have 35 points in Speech, you can lie and say that you’re with the NCR. If you have 30 points in Science, you can point out that there’s obviously a problem and that you want to help out.

That Lucky Old Sun - Meet the Scientists

Regardless of how you get inside, walk through the power plant. Go through the corridors until you get to the little science station in back. On the way, stop and use the terminal on the reception desk to learn about Archimedes and get markers for Hidden Valley and Black Mountain on your map.

Just follow either of the paths into the back of the facility. Use the local map if you get lost, and keep an eye out for the large metal staircase. It’s a good marker and once you pass it you’ll almost be there. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you find the narrow corridor and a fairly noticeable shift to newer gear. Talk to Fantastic first. If you have 25 points in Speech, go ahead and say that you’re there to replace him. You can use a Speech check to get 100 caps out of him to keep his job safe. He’s basically defrauding the NCR, so it’s a karma neutral action.

Talk to Fantastic and learn about the problems. He can’t reprogram the panels until someone clears out the solar command tower and kills the robot army inside. That sounds like a typical mission for us. Agree to help and he’ll give you the password for the western terminal when you say goodbye.

Talk to Ignacios in the side room. This one is important, if you don’t want to pickpocket him and don’t have more than 75 points in Science. Ignacios is with the Followers of the Apocalypse. If you introduce yourself as a soldier or say any of the fairly aggressive top options, he will clam up and refuse to tell you anything helpful. If you stay fairly pacifist, he’ll explain that he’s very frightened that the NCR will find out about the Archimedes weapon (which is openly discussed on every computer in the building…they must really not be paying attention). If you agree to help keep them distracted, he’ll give you the password to the eastern terminal when you say goodbye.

If you don’t get the password from either man, you can pickpocket it off of them or just hack the relevant computer with 75 points in Science.

Go out the back door to reach the solar panel yard behind Helios One. It’s fairly well sealed off, so you’re a little safer here.

That Lucky Old Sun - The Computers


Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - The Computers at Helios One

tart with the station to the left of the entrance. It should be right next to the NCR guard post and all the beds. Go inside carefully. The main entrance to the shack has a tripwire attached to a shotgun and two bear traps. The little side entrance has a mine in the corner along with mines under the computer. I effectively disarmed all the traps by approaching the corner and accidentally triggering the corner mine. If you trigger it, just step back and let it set off a bunch of chain reactions and clear a path to the computer. If you’re fast enough, or have some skill in Repair, clear out the traps and mines yourself.

Use the password or hack the computer, then reset the computer’s connection to the mainframe.

Walk over to the other terminal, but have a gun ready. This one is a closed area with some creatures inside. It may be feral NCR guard dogs. Save before engaging, just in case the soldiers nearby attack, but otherwise just kill them. They don’t seem to be marked as part of the NCR faction, so it shouldn’t be a problem. I believe they can be radscorpions at higher levels.

Kill the three critters inside and use the password or hack the computer and reset the connection.

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That Lucky Old Sun - Entering the Control Tower

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Helios One - One Protectron You Don’t Have to Fight

You should be right next to the control tower. Walk up to it and go inside. Wear some good armor and be ready to fight some robots. Bring a weapon with good penetration (or just bring Boone and casually walk through the carnage he creates).

Step down the first tunnel until you make it to the big square room. There are three turrets in the ceiling, so turn and engage. Note that you can frenzy a turret by hitting the targeting sensor. If you make that shot, just fall back and wait for it to get destroyed by the other targets. I believe that the center turret should be the strongest, with the weakest on the right and the medium one on the far left. Put a few rifles rounds into each of the ceiling turrets, but watch the stairs.

Two robots should be on their way up. In my case it was a protection and a robobrain. Engage appropriately. If you’re having trouble, don’t worry too much. Just kill these two with the best weapons you’ve got and go down the stairs to the little office area. There should be two pulse grenades on the shelf by the safe. You can use these for the next few tougher robots.

That Lucky Old Sun - The Control Tower Defenses

Loot the desk and safe if you want, then go back up to the side room past the stairs. Open the big door and walk through the tunnel and past the dumpster. Raid the supply closet by the dumpster, then continue down the only hallway. There should be another robot of some type in here. Be ready to engage. Use the doorway for cover and fire a few rounds down the hallway to take it out.

Loot as you go and consider resting briefly if you need to heal (and aren’t in Hardcore mode). Go past the cots to the next big staircase. I found a Mister Gutsy here, but it’s probably going to depend on random luck and your level. Kill it and go down the steps and watch out for any other robots below.

Once you make it to the bottom, turn and go into the next series of hallways. For this area, start by going to the right and into the small office area. There are two holotapes on the ground that are Poseidon ID cards. They’re next to the skeletons. Grab these, unless you have Science above 45 or Repair above 35.

If you have more than 50 points in Lockpick, you can pick the lock on the door in this office to avoid some protectrons and reach the elevator to the main control tower.

If you can’t or don’t want to pick the lock on the door, go back to the hallway and follow it to the next turn. The door on the left just leads to a fairly empty supply closet. Turn to the right and kill the protection that should have activated. Kill it and go into the next room. There should be about five protectrons in the process of activating and walking around the small room. I just charged inside and punched them all with the Recompense of the Fallen. They’re just protectrons, so anything with basic firepower should bring them down. Loot them for energy cells and get one piece of scrap metal if you really want to finish the next part of the quest by yourself.

Go into the next room and go up the elevator to the control room.

That Lucky Old Sun - Fixing the Terminal

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - That Lucky Old Sun - Fixing the Main Terminal with the Poseidon ID

We’re done fighting for now, so just look around and take anything that you want from the desks. The main thing is the central terminal in the room. It’s offline at the moment because a rat chewed through the coil of power cables. If you have a piece of scrap metal and 35 points in Repair, you can look at the generator and fix it yourself.

If you don’t have those skills, go up the steps to the “PYTHON” repair bot and active him. You can either use your Poseidon ID card or 45 points in Science to activate it. Python will then rush down and fix the power cables after a few well placed zaps.

Regardless of how you fix it, use the terminal and get ready to make your big decision. Make your choice, then go outside through the door to the observation deck. Walk down and use the panel on the outside catwalk to turn the plant back on and carry out your orders. You should be able to fast travel while you’re on the platform, and therefore skip the long walk back to the entrance of Helios One.

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Helios One Choices - Helping the NCR

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - The NCR Base Camp

Redirecting the power to the Strip and Camp McCarran will let Fantastic look like a hero. He’ll use his new influence to boost your reputation with the NCR, but that’s it. You won’t see a penny, although his fame just causes him to be promoted to the Hoover Dam facility, where he is outed as an idiot and put on switchboard duty. Ignacio won’t have a reward for you.

Helios One Choices - Helping the Followers of the Apocalypse

2. Redirecting the power to Westside and Fremont will give power to the slums surrounding New Vegas and help the Followers of the Apocalypse with their refugee bases in the area. Ignacios will be pleased, but won’t be as happy as if you redirected it to everyone. You’ll get a reputation boost with the Followers of the Apocalypse and some medical supplies, but you won’t get as much as if you just redirected it to everyone.

3. Redirecting the power evenly will be a fairly futile gesture. There isn’t enough to go around due to the derelict nature of the station. It will provide a very small boost across the wasteland, but Ignacios will be very pleased. You’ll get a bigger boost to your reputation with the Followers of the Apocalypse and some medical supplies and a Big Book of Science.

4. Arming Archimedes II without arming Archimedes I is a possibility. You will get a small boost with the Followers of the Apocalypse and a few stimpaks. The main reward is the future use of Archimedes II for yourself. If you make it to Freeside, you should see a boy, Max, chasing a girl around with his toy blaster. This is the Euclid C-Finder. You can buy it for 1,000 caps, or use 45 points in Barter to convince him that it’s only worth 20. You can also just steal it from him while he’s asleep. Once you get ahold of it, you can use your new toy to direct a full blast of light down onto a target area. You can use it once a day.

5. Redirecting the power to the entire region on the emergency setting will make the plant overload and shutdown forever. No one will get any power, but no one will ever be able to use Archimedes I. Ignacio will be happy with that and reward you with a few supplies.

Activating Archimedes I

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough - Helios One - The Archimedes I Defense System Killing the NCR Guards

After you pick your power setting, you will get the option in the main menu to activate the Archimedes I self defense system. Redirecting it to the Archimedes I weapon system does just what it says on the label. The weapon will fire and take out the entire area around the plant. This will kill all of the NCR troopers in a glorious orbital bombardment that you can watch from the observation deck. Fantastic and Ignacio will be furious with you and you won’t get any reward, except for a whole bunch of dead NCR troopers. This also isn’t exactly a stealth action, so you will probably be vilified by the NCR. If you come back after a few days, Fantastic should join up with the Legion and kill Ignacio. Caesar’s Legion will seize Helios One and patrol the plant.

Note that this will probably make Boone very angry and should always convince Arcade Gannon to abandon you. KEep your companions in mind.

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