Quick Transportation Methods in EverQuest 2 - Transportation Quick Guide for EQ2

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Call to

Instant transport to your home city. You can change this only by changing your character’s citizenship (within the same faction) or by betraying your faction.

Cooldown: 1 hour.

Mariner’s Bell

The Mariner’s Bell is instant transportation by sea to a variety of locations. Unlike taking a boat, this is instant transport. Some of the more common routes are:

  • Qeynos to: Antonica

  • Freeport to: Commonlands

  • Thundering Steppes to: Nektulos Forest, Zek

  • Nektulos Forest to: Lavastorm, Enchanted Lands

Harbormaster Ticket

From the Harbormaster in Qeynos or Freeport you can buy a ticket that allows instant transport to a specific location. The ticket costs 60 silver and it must be used before zoning or logging out. It is used by clicking on the Mariner’s Bell that does not normally provide any sort of transport (usually very close to the harbormaster).

Transport to: Nektulos Forest, Thundering Steppes

Shifting Sands Carpets

Clicking on these carpets provides immediate transportation to the Shifting Sands. They can be found in Qeynos Harbor, Freeport, and the Darklight Woods. Good side faction can also use the carpet in Butcherblock Mountains. Once you are in the Shifting Sands, you can use the carpet there to go to any of those same locations, as well as a few locations within the Shifting Sands zone.


Cleric spell. Teleports entire group to their home city (if they accept a prompt). Requires an Odyssey stone (bought from any NPC sage).

Cooldown: 15 minutes.


Rogue/scout/predator spell. Teleports party to a safe location within the zone (often a zone entry point).

Cooldown: 15 minutes


This is an “evac” spell similar to escape that Wizards possess.

Cooldown: 15 minutes


Translocate is the self only version, but wizards can also open a portal for their entire group. They can translocate to:

  • Antonica
  • Commonlands
  • Greater Faydark
  • Kylong Plains

Cooldown: 1 minute

Druid Circles

Furies and Wardens can open portals to the various druid circles around the world. The fury/warden must first obtain a Blessing of Tunare from a bush at the ring the portal is linked to. Additionally, any group member wishing to use the portal must have obtained the Blessing of Tunare as well. The druid ring locations are:

  • Antonica
  • Butcherblock Mountains
  • Commonlands
  • Greater Faydark
  • Steamfont Mountains
  • Kylong Plains
  • Kunzar Jungle

Cooldown: 1 minute

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