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Virtual arms dealing.

Weaponsmiths produce deadly weapons chiefly for scouts, priests and fighters. Anything that’s metal, sharp and deadly, weaponsmiths can make. The benefit of going to a weaponsmith over questing and hunting for drops is clear - with a weaponsmith, you know what you’re going to get, and you don’t have to waste any time looking for rare drops or collecting pieces for an extended quest. They can also produce hand to hand weapons like handwraps and cestuses, along with metal throwing weapons like shuriken. People always need new weapons, and the weaponsmith is just the artisan path to give it to them.

Many of the weapons that you create can possibly have a magical effect on them if you craft them well enough. Some of these spells have “proc” effects - there’s a chance that they’ll fire every time that they hit. Generally speaking, it pays to make friends with classes like guardians, berserkers, assassins, brawlers and monks as a weaponsmith. Especially while they are leveling, these classes are looking to improve their weapons before all other pieces of gear, and are often willing to spend that much more money to stay on top of the leveling curve. As you level up higher and need better weaponsmith recipes, you need to start getting your weaponsmithing recipe pages off of monster drops. Of course, many players also sell these on their vendors and on the broker, so as long as you’re making money, you can still get what you need to advance your trade without going out to fight.

Many guilds also stockpile recipes, so if you’re having trouble getting the patterns you need, you might be better off joining a guild with a substantial artisan contingent to get access to their trove of knowledge. As weaponsmithing can be a very expensive profession to raise, it’s often more efficient to use experience gain boosting potions while you work to reduce the amount of materials you need to use in order to level. Also focus on getting pristine items. Practice with cheaper, lower leveled items so that you make less mistakes when you’re using higher tier materials so that you don’t waste as much. Many of the epic weaponsmithing quests are quite desirable, so it can be a big boost to focus on your craft early on so that you get access to those powerful weapons earlier than you would otherwise. Many of those quests are even doable without much assistance at low to middle levels, so you could potentially give a big boost to your character’s adventuring equipment with your advanced artisan skill.

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