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One of the greatest real time strategy game series of all time is the Total War series of games. The franchise has gone from ancient Rome, to the Japanese shogunate, and on to medieval Europe. Now the game takes us to the 18th century to relive the massive power struggle between the European nations. Play as mighty France, Prussia, England or control lesser states.

This guide covers everything from land battles to the new exciting naval warfare where you can control massive fleets and engage in battles at sea for the first time on the 3D map. You’ll read about the campaign and gain information about various factions. Empire: Total War puts you in command of the musket and cannon equipped armies and lets you relive those epic battles across Europe and in the American colonies.

This game features more action then ever before and the system requirements are steep. Read through the review and find out if the game will run on your system at home then pick up some strategy tips to help you win.

Empire Total War Review

There are many Total War games from ancient Rome to medieval Europe. Find out if Empire: Total War is the right game for you. You’ll command the great powers of Europe in the 18th century with this game. This title now features huge naval battles for the first time in the series. Learn about new game additions such as the overhauled land combat system and the many new building options. Systems requirements are listed too so you’ll know if this game will run on your machine. Control your armies, lead your naval forces and discover the greatest chapter yet in the Total war gaming franchise.

Playing as the British in Empire: Total War

Learn how to control the British faction in the game. Live through the glory days of the British Empire and bring her to ultimate victory or crushing defeat. You’ll get the starting advantage for Britain – learn about trade, empire development and how to proceed with your campaign. Get advice on how to deal with pirates, India, France and Persia. Can you lead the British Empire to ultimate victory or will you lead her to ruin?

Playing as Prussia, Guide for Empire: Total War

While many players might want to play as Britain or France, Prussia is another great choice in the game. They emerged as a major powerful nation in the 18th century and Empire: Total War reflects that position. Get information on how to unite Germany and the early wars you may face in the game. This guide also features information on how you can expand Prussia west. Take control of Prussia and defeat the powerful armies of Britain and France.

Empire: Total War Naval Tactics Guide

The game now features stunning naval battles for the first time. Ships have special controls, rating and ammunition types. Dig into the use of maneuvers such as crossing the T or how to split your fleet. Naval combat features the ability to board ships or use admirals. Make wise decision by following the icons above your ship so your weaker, damaged ships don’t sink on you. Discover the new naval combat and exiting combat options with this informative guide.

Empire: Total War Road to Independence Guide

The Road to Inpependence is the single player campaign in the game and it contain four main chapters. You’ll first guide the settlers to victory over the natives before switching to the British war with the French, then the battle for independence. Finally you’ll guide the Americans to world dominance. Play this great campaign and lead America from her humble beginnings to become a powerhouse empire.

Empire: Total War Land Battle Guide, Terrain, Walls and Fences

Use the terrain to protect your troops, and put riflemen behind walls and fences now with more defensive structures included in the game. Use this guide on defences to help you form your tactics when you are surrounded by a superior force in the game.

Empire: Total War Land Battle Guide, Buildings, Formations, and Units

The 3D battles are the best part of the game series and with this guide you’ll discover how to use buildings to your advantage. Gain knowledge of the various unit formations and soldiers under your command in the game such as cavalry, muskets, or cannons.

Empire: Total War Land Battle Guide, Morale, Sieges and Artillery

Learn to break your enemy’s morale and win the battle even if you don’t have enough troops. Use your artillery to crush morale and lead your men to victory. Learn how to siege effectively and put everything into practice to become a better player.


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