Warriors Orochi PC Game Review

Plays just like the console… (3 out of 5)

Warriors Orochi

Rating: 3/5 stars

I always loved playing the various Dynasty Warriors games on the console, so naturally I was interested in playing Warriors Orochi for the PC. It’s basically the same type of gameplay and shares the overall look, though it doesn’t really work as well on the PC.

This game is presented using a 3rd person over the shoulder view of a warrior from feudal Asia, and your job is to conquer. At any one point in the game, you might be standing in the middle of 30 enemy soldiers, and you can use special moves to hit every single one of them in a single swing of your weapon. To me, that’s just awesome. I love being able to charge into an army and start knocking people down.

Although this is mainly an action game, it has a few minor RPG elements to it. Your character does gain levels and special powers and moves along the way, but there isn’t a whole lot of customization involved. You do have a variety of pre-made characters to choose from, and the main differences are the types of weapons they use. The game changes a little depending on what character you use, so it’s best to experiment with a couple until you find a favorite weapon.

Once you pick your warrior, you go out onto a huge map and take over. You won’t be the only main warrior on the field, plus you’ll have a huge army of your own. However, you will be the one doing most of the work. You’ll also encounter enemy generals in the field that will need to be defeated, and you’ll get some nice bonuses like improved weapons or armor when you finish them.

When playing, I suggest the first thing you do is shut off enemy reinforcements by taking control of the gates. All you have to do is find the gate captain and take him out. If you don’t, a constant influx of enemy soldiers will keep coming through the gates. If you cut off the gates early on in the battles, it’ll save you a lot of time and trouble. Of course, getting up to the gates can be tough when you’ve got a whole army in front of you.

This game can be very challenging at times, because you’ll have a natural inclination to get up ahead of your backing army. If you push forward too much, you’ll find yourself alone and surrounded. In that situation, it’s often hard to recover because you can’t get away without being hit by somebody. It gets even worse if a general is around because they like to hit you in the back, which causes more damage.

I found the graphics to be kind of annoying on the PC, mainly because it is hard to see where you are going. It’s like everything is a little too close up, and it’s hard to tell where you are going when you have to walk in a circle. I often lose generals in the crowd when I have to back up and move around, and it becomes quite chaotic. I wish the game had been presented with the main view pulled back just a little. Other than that, the graphics are more on par with a PlayStation 2 than any modern PC game. This is just a port of the console game, and I don’t think any major changes were made for the PC. The sound gets to be very repetitive, especially after you’ve killed the 150th enemy soldier in one battle, and the music is the same kind of pseudo-metal stuff that populated all the games in this series.

In the end, I still enjoyed playing Warriors Orochi. It’s just a thrown together port of the console version, but still works well on PC if you don’t have a PlayStation 2. Otherwise, you’d probably be better off just buying the console version.


Warriors Orochi