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    • Dungeon Siege 3 Review
      If there's one thing Obsidian is great at, it's making sequels, and Dungeon Siege 3 does not disappoint. Bringing story and strategy to what otherwise might have been just another pretty click and kill game, if the series didn't appeal to you before, this might be the one to pick up.
    • A Guide to Playing as Lucas in Dungeon Siege 3 (PS3)
      If you're looking for tips on playing Lucas when it comes to selecting equipment or for information on the different abilities he has access to, then you'll find all you need here.
    • Everything You Want to Know About Dungeon Siege 3
      Square Enix has a hit or miss reputation for making good games, and Dungeon Siege 3 leaves a lot of questions to be answered. The most basic of those frequently asked questions are what the gameplay will be like, what the multiplayer will be like, and whether it will be worth buying or just a rental
    • Dungeon Siege 2: Broken Sword PC Review
      Dungeon Siege 2: Broken Sword improves and enhances the Dungeon Siege experience with a lengthy, combat-heavy dungeon hack that will definitely please old and new gamers alike. This role-playing game has aspects of character and party development that make it a real unique gem.
    • Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony Review (PSP)
      Yet another in a long line of uninspired Diablo clones that should have never been produced for the PSP.