Dragon Age Dwarf Noble Origin Walkthrough: The Proving

Dragon Age Dwarf Noble Origin Walkthrough: The Proving
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The Pride of Aeducan

Upon starting, a cinematic giving some background on Orzammar and the dwarves will play. Afterwards, you’ll enter a conversation. You’ll learn that there will be a meeting on politics etc. later. Before going to the meeting, there are some tasks to do. For extra information on Gorim, talk to him again.

Open up the journal and there’ll be a quest called The Pride of Aeducan. The journal says that there are two tasks. Visit the merchants and go to the Proving.

For now, visit the merchants. Head through the door that’s located to the right of where you start on the mini-map. Don’t talk to the dwarven guards. Head into Bhelen’s room, marked by a cross on the mini-map. Talk to the woman and loot the armoire. I found a dwarven merchant’s belt there, which increases the amount of money gained. If a rogue, try and unlock the chest.

After leaving the room, open the map and you’ll see the throne room where the feast is taking place. South of the throne room is the exit to the Diamond Quarter; head on through. When the conversation comes up asking about going to the feast, say no and continue to the Diamond Quarter.

The Proving

Open the map and head towards the merchants indicated by what seems like a house icon. It won’t be possible to buy anything right now unless you sell some items from the downloadable content that’s available (if you have access to the items) or are a rogue and looted the chest. After passing the merchants, a conversation will start with two dwarves who scold you for not attending the feast straight away. For now, choose to disregard what’s said and say you’ll go when ready.

Head to the Orzammar Commons, but first loot the barrels on the way there. Feel free to go back and sell the loot gained if desired. Also, there are some dwarven women you can speak with close to the lootable barrels. The conversation helps you become more familiar with dwarven society. Afterwards, go to the entrance to the Orzammar Commons and talk to the dwarf in front of the exit. Say you intend to watch the Proving and have them escort you.

After reaching the Proving Grounds, a short cutscene will play. Talk to the Proving Master afterwards. You can choose to fight or just watch them. It’s recommended to fight. The first fight is easy, but Adri (the second fight) may prove harder. The third fight is easy again. The fourth fight against Frandlin isn’t hard either. He does have access to shield pummel though which can stun you. If you win the fight (which you should), you’ll receive a helmet though you need eighteen strength to wear it. After receiving the helm, talk to the royal escort and leave.

Attend the feast

After returning to the Diamond Quarter, it is the perfect time to attend the feast: Head back to the royal palace and enter the throne room. Gorim will mention Grey Wardens and the Grey Wardens are the only humans in attendance. The important one is Duncan. Before talking to him, talk with Lord Ronus Dace. Choose to help him or don’t. Next, talk to Duncan. After talking with Duncan, Lady Helmi will call you a fool if you chose to help Dace. Talk to her. After the conversation, decide whether you talk to Lord Dace or not, but I’d recommend doing so. If you continually challenge Lord Dace when speaking with him, you will need to enter a Proving battle. The battle should be pretty even. After the battle or after speaking with Dace (if you didn’t continually push him), go through the conversation options as the feast comes to a close.

Open the map and head to Trian’s room. Talk with Trian and tell him his father wishes to speak with him. Probe Bhelen and he’ll reveal that Trian is planning to move against you.

After conversation ends, a new scene will begin where the battle plans are discussed. They tell you that there is a secret door and it leads to a Thaig. The leaders task you with retrieving the Shield of Aeducan.

A Noble Expedition

The passage you need to take after the battle plan’s discussed.

There’s a passage to the right after the conversation ends. On the mini-map, it can be seen leading to the west. Once you’ve taken it, you’ll run into a Giant Spider: This foe isn’t tough though; kill it and move on. A trap may be triggered as you come to a crossroad and some Darkspawn attack. Again, the foes shouldn’t be tough. Loot the dwarf to the right, then move down the left passage. Approach Frandlin and go down the south-eastern passage: It has stone columns by it, so it’s hard to miss. Going down the passage, you may trigger another trap and more Darkspawn will attack. Kill them and loot the corpses, along with other goodies strewn about here. Now continue in the passage where you were attacked. Another dwarf will approach you: Go down the tunnel he has his back to, the western most one.

You’ll run into more Darkspawn and a pop-up box should appear informing you about ranked enemies. While you may want to focus on the enemy with the yellow name, I’d recommend defeating the weaker enemies first. They fall quicker, meaning you’ll most likely end up taking less damage. To beat the elite enemy, use your party’s skills such as shield bash whenever he gets up. Loot the corpses and move on.

A brief cutscene will play, followed by more dialog. Continue on past the Darkspawn corpses. Loot the area and go across the bridge. You’ll run into dwarven mercenaries: If you can, persuade the leader to tell you how they got in. The elite dwarf is pretty tough. Use someone with a lot of hit points and armour to keep him busy while you take out the cannon fodder. If you need to, don’t be afraid to use health poultices. Traps litter the area, so be careful while moving in combat and looting the bodies in the area. Upon stumbling across the Aeducan Signet Ring, more dialog will occur.

How to position your party members in the Thaig Chamber

Enter the Thaig Chamber. Another cutscene will play and there will be more dialog. The puzzle is easy enough to solve. Simply place a party member on each of the tiles (click on the little person icon under the party portraits to switch it to a hand so that the non-controlled characters will stand still instead of auto following). Click on the sarcophagus and choose the option to insert the ring into an indentation. Take the loot, go through the conversation options, and leave.

You’ll be ambushed upon exiting the chamber. Kill the two Darkspawn nearby, then the elite Blight Wolf that charges you. Then the rest of the enemies. Cross the bridge and head back to the area’s entrance. While on your way there, Gorim will warn you of a possible ambush. After the conversation, you’ll hear yells. Move on and Gorim’s suspicions will be confirmed.

After the conversation, the scene will end.

The Exile

You’ll be locked up and stripped of all your posessions. Gorim will approach you. Talk to him. After the conversations, move straight ahead and take the passage leading to the east when you find it. Kill the Giant Spider and loot the corpse, then continue on the path. Kill the Darkspawn, loot the area, and take the passage leading south. At the crossroads, the west passage leads to Deepstalkers and a corpse to loot; the east to another lootable corpse and a Giant Spider. The passage leading south is the one you want in order to progress with the main quest. After killing the next few enemies, take the path leading west at the next crossroads and then the Dwarven Noble Origin story is complete.

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