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Doom 3 Mods: Game Modifications for Doom 3 Bring You New Game-Play and Extend the Life of your Game

by: Simon Hill ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

There are loads of modifications for Doom 3, ranging from basic tweaks to total conversions, which provide gamers with all new artwork and game-play. Mods are a terrific way to extend the life of your game and squeeze a little more fun out of Doom 3.

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    Doom 3 Mods

    Doom 3 was a popular first-person shooter/survival horror game which provided a tense single player experience. The engine brought dramatic graphical improvement to the series and features like dynamic lighting, highly detailed models, textures with depth and a range of visual effects allowed the developers to bring stunning environments, creatures and characters to life.

    It should come as no surprise then that the modding scene were quick to get to work with the engine and produce a series of spin off games. Modifications of Doom 3 range from simple tweaks to the existing game-play to fully realised alternative games complete with their own artwork. As you may expect the vast majority of the mods available for Doom 3 are horror themed.

    Mods are a great way to squeeze extra play time and value out of a game. They are free to download, and while some work as standalone installations, the majority overwrite the existing game files. It’s worth mentioning that mods typically take a long time to be fully released because they are generally developed by amateurs who work on them in their spare time and it is also fairly common for them to be abandoned before they are ever finished.

    Let’s take a closer look at some of the best mods available for Doom 3.

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    Last Man Standing Co-op Mod

    This is one of the most popular mods released for Doom 3 and provides a single player and multiplayer modification for the game. The basic aim is to survive wave after wave of monsters, and the hook is the idea that you can play co-operatively with buddies online. Survival is your goal and the monsters don’t stop coming so the last man standing wins the game.

    They have left the artwork unaltered and simply offered a new game-play option but there are also tweaks to the maps and the Killfest mode is a lot of fun. Anyone into co-operative play should definitely check it out. You can download it or find out more at the mod team website.

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    Shambler’s Castle

    This is a mod which transforms Doom 3 by adding the original weapon set and creatures from Quake. It is a total conversion and although there is currently only one 30-minute map Shambler’s Castle is nicely done, and fans of Quake will certainly want to give it a whirl.

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    Doom 3 Mod Screenshots

    Shambler's castleRecall to HellInto Cerberon
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    The Dark Mod

    This is a total conversion for Doom 3 which aims to transform it into a stealth game. The developers were clearly inspired by Thief and they’ve given the game a complete overhaul with new models, textures, AI, weapons and even a new HUD. As is often the case with ambitious modifications it is taking a long time to develop, but they have recently released a demo mission called The Tears of St. Lucia and it shows off some of their new features and gives gamers a flavour of how the completed mod will play.

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    Into Cerberon

    This mod is aiming to provide gamers with Descent style game-play so they can fly around spooky Doom 3 interiors with six-degrees of control allowing them to roll, tilt, yaw and slide in any direction. You pilot a small spaceship with a range of weaponry and you can play through a single player campaign or face off against your mates in multiplayer battles.

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    Recall to Hell

    This is an impressive looking single player experience which offers gamers an intense and horrific adventure. New maps, weapons, characters, sound and an in depth story are promised. However at the moment all you can get your hands on are some screenshots and a trailer. The developers promise that work is continuing and if it does finally get released this promises to be a worthwhile mod to check out.

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    Other Mods for Doom 3

    There are many more mods for Doom 3 out there, from conversions which emulate earlier Doom games and other classics like Resident Evil to completely new game designs implemented using the engine. There are also several mods for people who want specific features of the game tweaked so you'll find mods that only modify the weapons or mods that tweak the shaders. Naturally the quality is never as high as a commercial title as mods are typically developed by amateurs. Sometimes as a way to break into the game development industry, and sometimes simply for fun, but since they are free you shouldn't be too critical.

    With such a wealth of choice whatever your tastes you are sure to be able find something that interests you.